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Maddox is a singer and songwriter who in recent years has gained worldwide recognition thanks to his incredible vocal timbre and incredible production skills.

Before becoming a viral sensation, the soloist thrilled the hearts of his fan base with his amazing songs as well as connecting with them by showing off his endearing personality through his vlogs on YouTube.

When it comes to his music, Maddox is not only famous for his contributions to ATEEZ’s hit songs or his amazing song covers, but also for his own original songs and features.

New to him or already a fan, here are some of our favorite songs/cover performances that showcase his symphonic angel vocals and amazing technique too.

1. ‘Sleep’

‘Sleep’ is definitely not a song that will put you to sleep, however it is the best kind of music to relax as it is very easy and sweet to listen to. Maddox’s smooth vocals create a pleasing sound and aura that tickles our sensory notions. It’s as if a sense of serenity and happiness emanates from your vocal chords and transfixes you to a celestial plane where there are no worries, but pure peace.

2. ‘LAMP’

It’s a vocal explosion and our minds are completely blown by how incredible Maddox’s vocal range is. The high notes?! Simply immaculate. A true masterpiece and one whose replay value is through the roof, Maddox truly makes music that is always enjoyable to listen to while also eliciting an important emotional reaction, whether with its sound or the overall message of the song.

3. ‘3 Things’

That might be a feature, but when Maddox comes along it proves that it was the right feature as he added an extra layer of appeal and joy to this song. A brilliant song with an emotional message, Eden it shows that he is not only an amazing producer but an amazing artist in his own rights, delivering a beautiful vocal performance and rightly infusing Maddox’s smooth, almost surreal tone, which makes the song such a wholesome tune to listen to.

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4. ‘Knight’

We read a fan comment that states “Maddox’s voice is softer than air“a funny statement, but completely true. Maddox sings with a level of clarity and smoothness that leaves you stunned because he just seems so different and unique. It’s always a moment of well-being when you discover a gem of an artist, whose songs, you can readily associate with a sense of comfort, happiness, and warmth.

5. ‘Easy with me’

The viral cover, we still get goosebumps every time this song randomly pops up on our shuffle or when we see clips of it online. A completely breathtaking performance, this may be a cover but Maddox’s rendition of this song feels like its own song as he sings with so many emotions that it makes you feel like the words are flowing from his soul. His range is exceptional and you can tell he’s the type of artist who really understands his technique and how to change his tone in just the right way to strike the right emotions in the minds of his listeners.

6. ‘I don’t think I’m fine’

DOXTAPE” is such an amazing playlist/series you can witness the amazing flavors Maddox adds to his covers that always make them so interesting and wholesome. Just when you think you’ve shed enough tears about how emotional the original version of this one is song is, you listen to Maddox’s cover, you might not realize it as the tears slowly trickle down your face as you get lost in his sound and how he emotionally conveys the lyrics and message of the song.

What other Maddox songs or performances are your favorites? Share with us in the comments section.

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