6 Actors Who Would Look Perfect in a Spring Romance Drama

Kim SooHyun’s Instagram / Cha EunWoo’s Instagram

Spring is the season of love, with the trees and flowers in bloom, our hearts can’t help but romanticize life. In short, spring is the perfect season for romantic dramas. Whether it’s a cute plot or more fleshed out, spring is the perfect season to enjoy some good romance drama in a cute cafe while watching nature change forms. But aside from the plot and the season, the cast plays an important role in setting the mood of a spring romance drama.

The rosy color of cherry blossom automatically reminds us of love, of course, and puts us in the mood for spring dramas. Fortunately, the Korean industry is full of very good-looking actors. But some of them are perfect when it comes to giving off spring vibes. Let’s take a look at 6 actors who would be perfect in a spring romance drama.

Note: This is not a rating.

    6 Actors Who Would Look Perfect in a Spring Romance Drama

Kim Soohyun’s Instagram

Kim SooHyun is doing incredibly well at playing deadpan characters, and that’s exactly the type of character he would play in a spring romance drama. He could be a very lonely office worker, for example, who is very shy and doesn’t know how to express his emotion, and only his partner would be able to elicit a few smiles and laughter from him. Wouldn’t that be a super cute dynamic and character for him to play?

    6 Actors Who Would Look Perfect in a Spring Romance Drama

ASTRO’s Twitter

Of course, Cha EunWoo is an idol before he is an actor, but he is certainly known for his many roles in various dramas. EunWoo has the soft flower boy look that we usually find in spring romance dramas, especially school romance dramas. A cute friend-to-lover dynamic would probably be the best option to get along with EunWoo’s fresh and delicious vibes.

    6 Actors Who Would Look Perfect in a Spring Romance Drama

Park BoGum’s Instagram

Who wouldn’t want to see this amazing actor in yet another romance concept? Park BoGum is that handsome actor who can fit into all drama concepts and genres. Sure enough, Park BoGum’s excellent acting would shine once again in a beautiful romance drama. Since Park BoGum is very skilled, perhaps a spring romance drama with a heavily researched plot like a combined mystery or thriller novel is the perfect mix to see all sides of Park BoGum’s acting.

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    6 Actors Who Would Look Perfect in a Spring Romance Drama

Song Kang’s Instagram

Song Kang has had many different roles so far, and some of them were the antihero. He would be perfect for a two-faced character in a spring romance drama. Since he can play both a soft and gentle character and a dark and cruel character, he would be the perfect choice for a character who is both at the same time, almost like a dual identity. Where is the springtime drama in all of this? Well, of course having a love story in the drama automatically fits, but as a two-faced character, his cute and gentle visuals would surely overshadow him even more, making him the perfect choice for a spring romance drama.

    6 Actors Who Would Look Perfect in a Spring Romance Drama

Lee Dohyun’s Instagram

He’s getting all the spotlight right now, Lee DoHyun is another pick of ours today. Of course, we already know that his acting is more than great, it’s really unique and remarkable. As he has always had more serious roles, he seems incompatible with a cute romance drama, but we have a big imagination. Since he has these very fierce looks that give him a strict look, he would be perfect for the CEO of a company in a melting office spring romance drama, he definitely has the vibes for this type of role. A cute office romance is definitely a concept he would portray perfectly.

    6 Actors Who Would Look Perfect in a Spring Romance Drama

Kim Sung Hyun’s Instagram

Kim SungHyun has very cute and soft looks that would be perfect for a sweet spring romance. But we all know that he can also be really good looking at times. He might be the popular flower girl from a school romance, or the cold, cold neighbor, for example, from an enemy-to-lover relationship in a spring romance drama. Any concept would do, and his performance was sure to overshadow from the very first scene. He has this aura, this charisma that automatically makes him the main character.

Let us know in the comment, from this list, who is the actor you would best see playing in a spring romance drama?

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