call it love” joins the ever-growing list of K-Dramas to appear on the streaming platform, Disney+. Some might call it magical, how the drama is able to captivate viewers every week with just the intro. With two talented stars like Kim Young Kwang It is Lee Sung Kyung like leads and an attention-grabbing storyline, it’s not surprising that social media feeds are full of fans raving about “Call It Love.”

One of the appeals of the Disney+ drama is its ability to tap into various human emotions. From immense joy to crushing sadness, “Call It Love” leaves no feeling unexplored. “Call It Love” is a drama that will have you completely immersed and looking forward to each new episode.

While the drama isn’t over yet, there were many moments that resonated with audiences. Let’s take a look at some of those scenes that made us vulnerable below.

Note: this article may contain spoilers.

1. Shim WooJoo Breaking

Shim WooJoo (Lee SungKyoung) is a tough character who is bold and fearless. When we first meet her, she has this undeniable charisma that she can command an entire room. But we soon discover that this is just a facade and that she is not as strong as she appears to be. Watching her meltdown early on in the series sets the tone for her character, who is incredibly resilient but also a complete softie when she opens up.

2. Daydreaming of Happiness

It’s evident from the beginning that Shim WooJoo and Han DongJin (Kim YoungKwang) have a very dark outlook on their lives. It’s only natural with the amount of hardship they’ve faced and the burdens they continue to carry. But it’s through Kim HyeSung (Kim Ye Won) dream that we see the potential for a happier life for our two main characters. It features a huge ‘what if’ and a conclusion that many fans would like from the drama.

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3. Fulfillment of love

Due to their past, Shim WooJoo and Han DongJin have kept their romance at bay. Love seems like a distant notion and a feeling they may not experience in the unforeseen future. However, our two main characters realize that love has always been there.

It’s this realization that makes viewers hold their breath and watch in utter awe as they sort through their feelings. You can visibly see the gears turning in their heads and the ‘aha!’ moment when they finally realize the feelings that reside in their hearts. We wrote a more in-depth article about this realization of love that you can read here.

4. Helping DongJin overcome his trauma

Both Shim WooJoo and Han DongJin silently struggled with their traumas for a long time. They’ve been mostly on autopilot, surviving day after day without really getting better. However, once the two meet, they show significant improvement in lifestyle as well as emotional and mental health.

Although WooJoo helps DongJin, she carries heavy guilt due to her original motives of revenge. You can see how conflicted she is and how much she cares about DongJin’s well-being.

5. Shim HyeSung’s Eating Alone

Since the beginning of the series, his family members and co-workers have noticed how Shim HyeSung doesn’t like to eat alone. They also noticed the barrier she puts up when she’s around other people and how she’s never quite true to herself. By watching her eat alone, we see true character development and that HyeSung is trying to break out of his shell. Her willingness to change hers is admirable and she can tug at your heart in ways you never imagined.

Are you watching “Call It Love”? What is your favorite moment in the drama so far? Let us know in the comments!

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