Red Velvet’s Wendy is a vocal legend who can command the stage with her group or solo. In addition to her lovely vocals, her bubbly personality and timeless fashion sense set her apart, making many fall in love with the idol. Fans have witnessed her grow before their very eyes into the amazing woman she is today!

Over the years, she has gone through several style changes. One she particularly likes is her short hair, ranging from shoulder length to chin length. This hairstyle captivates fans who are spellbound by its enchanting beauty. For the last few years, she has maintained this hairstyle consistently, with a few versions popping up in between.

Curious about all the different versions? Check it out below!

1. Original Wendy Cut

    5 Red Velvet Wendy Short Hair Styles


When Wendy first appeared with this cut, fans were absolutely smitten. She first referred to her hairstyle as the “sharming cut”. This was a combination of the layered shag cut and the word ‘charming’. It became such a hit that even Wendy’s hairdresser shared the steps needed to achieve it.

2. Coconut Station

    5 Red Velvet Wendy Short Hair Styles

SM Entertainment

Next, we have the idol with a shorter hairstyle, elegantly framing her pretty face. When many fans saw this new style on Wendy, they referred to it as her coconut era. A little while after the initial debut of this hairstyle, she cut her locks even shorter. Coco or not, Wendy was as beautiful as ever.

3. Golden Age

    5 Red Velvet Wendy Short Hair Styles


Originally, Wendy was already shining like a bright star. But then she entered her golden age and shined brighter than ever. During that time, many fans were able to see the idol perform on stage, allowing stunning photos like this to appear on social media feeds everywhere. She even did a gold version of her iconic Wendy cut that fans loved to pieces.

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4. Poodle version

    5 Red Velvet Wendy Short Hair Styles


Poodles are energetic and carefree, bringing waves of happiness wherever they go. When Wendy permed her hair, she definitely gave off poodle vibes, already bringing a lot of joy to fans across the world. With just one look at permed Wendy, you can’t help but smile at her infectious energy, even through a computer screen.

5. Current hairstyle

    5 Red Velvet Wendy Short Hair Styles

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Wendy has gone through countless variations of her short hairstyle. These days, she still has short hair that looks absolutely stunning. Many fans who have seen him are dubbing the hairstyle the Wendy 2.0 cut and are completely enamored with the idol’s stunning looks. The idol has already participated in several photoshoots with this hairstyle, so ReVeluv will remain well-fed for a long time.

What’s your favorite iteration of Wendy’s short hairstyle? Let us know in the comments!

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