One of the most popular and highly anticipated historical romantic comedies of 2023, “The Secret Romantic Guesthouse” is finally on air and is winning hearts around the world with its multifaceted plot, colorful characters, enigmatic secrets, heartwarming love lines, and more.

Starring Shin YeEun, RyeoUn, Kang Hoon, and Jung GunJoo in the lead roles, “The Secret Romantic Guesthouse” tells the story of Yoon DanOh (Shin YeEun), who runs a guesthouse called Ihwawon. By coincidence (or as we call it, fate), a gentle scholar named YuHa (Jung GunJoo), an awkward but playful noble named SiYeol (Kang Hoon), and a mysterious warrior named Kang San (RyeoUn) come to live in Ihwawon. Together with these three men, DanOh sets out to find Lee Seol, the son of the deposed Crown Prince who disappeared years ago.

Needless to say, it’s practically impossible to pick a favorite character, but in this article we’re talking about Kang San. Here are 5 reasons why you could be Kang San!

1. You hide your true feelings behind a tough exterior.

This is the defining characteristic of our beloved Kang San. he is a typical tsundere, who prefers not to let his feelings show, but unknowingly, everyone knows exactly what he’s thinking because he makes it obvious. He may seem cold and aloof, but he has a heart of gold and lots of love to give. At the same time, he likes to be petted and petted more than anything else. If you identify with this trait, you and San are more alike than you might think!

2. You have a crush, but you won’t admit it.

Do you find yourself secretly smiling at your crush, helping her without her knowing, and taking care of her even when she didn’t ask? You too can be Kang San. From protecting DanOh time and time again to following her plans without question, doing anything to make her happy, and worshiping her from afar, Kang San has the biggest crush on DanOh and will do anything but admit it.

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3. You show tough love

Kang San inadvertently becomes attracted to DanOh and falls deeper and deeper in love with her. However, confessing that you care for her is out of the question. So he does what he can and tries to show it off by holding a real sword to her neck.

In context, he does this so that DanOh will be dissuaded from his dangerous plan to find Lee Seol so that she can protect Ihwawon. He means well but just doesn’t know how to express it. So he turns to tough love. Surely, intimidating the love of his life to keep him safe sounds like a plan, right? If your answer is yes, you are probably like Kang San.

4. You are hard to impress

It takes a lot of effort to open up to someone. So, you might seem hard to impress or unapproachable like Kang San. In reality, you are just wary of the people around you, even if you don’t like anything more than being friends. However, there are always people like DanOh who can make you melt and SiYeol who can break down your walls and help you relax. So no matter how nonchalant you seem, your friends know that the real you is adorable!

5. You get nervous easily

You might think that you are hiding your feelings well, but they are always very obvious to everyone around you. Even the way Kang San looks at DanOh clearly shows how attached he is to her. He accompanies her despite saying he doesn’t mind and keeps an eye on her at all times. SiYeol is quick to pick up on these clues and knows full well that there is definitely something going on between the two. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that everyone, except probably San himself, knows that he likes DanOh.

Do you bear any resemblance to Kang San? Tell us in the comments section below!

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