PIXY is a 5-member girl group known for their tight discography, interesting choreography and charming stage presence. Fans especially applauded the group for constantly releasing superior music. Each of their musical releases is better than the last and their discography has an impressive record of gems to add to your playlist. While their title tracks are equally impressive, one has to recognize just how special PIXY’s B-Sides are.

Today, we’re going to take a look at some PIXY B-Sides that you absolutely must have in your playlist. Not only will they musically bless your ears, but they’ll make it into your fan list in no time.

Observation: This list is in no particular order. It’s not a rating.

‘Moonlight’ is from their second mini-album “Fairy Forest: Temptation“. This is the PIXY B-Side that will have new fans wondering why they haven’t heard PIXY’s music before. Hearing this song for the first time truly feels like a life-altering sonic experience. ‘Moonlight’ is whimsical and romantic , but mysterious and vibrant at the same time.

‘Falling’ is from their latest mini-album”CHOSEN KARMA“. This song sounds like the music for the opening scene that foreshadows the final adventure in a blockbuster. It has a promising melody that underscores something big that pays off when you get to the chorus. It’s the kind of song you can listen to on a loop and never get tired of hearing the PIXY members’ voices melt in your ears.

‘Natural’ is from the third mini-album”REBORN“. This song is as cool as it is beautiful. It has some beautiful vocals and the vibe of the beat only accentuates it. It has a retro aura that creates a dreamy effect combined with the voices of the members. It is also a very dynamic song, playing well with tension and different energy.

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‘The Moon’ is from their first mini-album”Fairy Forest: Bravery“. This is the kind of song you play while looking out the window on a rainy night. It has a floating vibe and embodies what we imagined the moon would be personified to sound like. When the song was released, WINXY was blown away by the superior quality of the song, believing it could even be a title track in its own right.

‘Whisper’ is also part of their latest mini-album “CHOSEN KARMA”. If you had to describe this song in one word, it would be ‘shivering’. Once again, the members of PIXY showcase their beautiful voices in this song that feels like they’re singing from their soul. In fact, just like the title, this song feels like a whisper straight to your heart.

We definitely recommend you listen to the entire PIXY discography because it will blow you away. They have a lot of songs worth a spot on your playlist.

Which of these PIXY B-Sides is your favorite? Let us know and share your recommendations with other fans in the comments!

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