NCT is an idol group that allows various combinations of members and genders. That’s simply the perks of having 23 trained idols in the official roster. Each sub-unit brings something special to the table and never ceases to captivate fans with their impressive stage performances. While the current sub-units are awesome, many NCTzen wonder what it would be like to have certain members grouped together for official activities.

Those questions were answered with the announcement of NCT’s newest unit! NCT’s DoYoung, jaehyunIt is jungwoo will be coming together to form DOJAEJUNG. While all three are part of the same sub-units in NCT U It is NCT 127, many are curious to know how they will behave as a trio. Regardless, fans are extremely excited for the unit to debut on April 17th!

With just under a month left for the premiere, we’ve prepared a list of some performances you should check out!

1. JungWoo – ‘So Sick’ by Ne-Yo

During a camping trip with his mates, JungWoo sang this love song from the early 2000s. It was completely casual and it wasn’t an official cover, but the impact it had on fans was insane. Many couldn’t help but offer mountains of praise to the idol for his swoon-worthy vocals. Years later and we are still waiting for an official JungWoo cover.

2. DoYoung on “Master in the House”

DoYoung teamed up with one of South Korea’s most notable singer-songwriters, Song ChangSik, in “Master in the House”. Together they delivered this soulful rendition of ‘It Is Love’. The fusion of the new age with the old touches the heart strings and has the ability to move you to tears. His passion for music transcends time and place and can be felt through screens everywhere.

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3. JaeHyun – ‘Can’t Take My Eyes Off You’ by Frankie Valli

Jaehyun uploaded a cover of this classic to NCT’s YouTube channel. Her clear, pristine vocals envelop you and fill your body with indescribable warmth. His performance of ‘Can’t Take My Eyes Off You’ gives off a quaint jazz bar vibe where you can get drunk on his voice alone.

4. Christmas Carol Medley

Fans got a glimpse of the trio through this medley of Christmas carols. Her crystalline vocals perfectly match the Christmas vibes and stir up the holiday cheer in your heart. Whether they’re singing solo or harmonizing with each other, their vocals are mesmerizing from start to finish.

5. ‘Can We Go Back’ at MBC Music Festival

Not only did they release content on YouTube, but the trio even appeared at a year-end awards ceremony! Although only three of them were on stage, they managed to fill it with their overflowing charisma. It was probably from that moment on that fans started desperately waiting for DOJAEJUNG’s unit debut.

Are you excited for the official debut of DOJAEJUNG? What concept would you like to see them do? Let us know in the comments!

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