Yim SiWan is an amazing actor with an impressive repertoire of roles. He starred in iconic hits like “misaeng“, “Continue“, It is “summer strike“, playing characters that the viewer can emphasize and relate to. He also proved to be quite versatile, capable of playing the memorable villain of the films”Emergency Declaration” It is “unlocked“. Much of his filmography makes it to the top of thousands of watch lists and is repeated over and over again.

But with his success as an actor, it can be easy to forget that Yim SiWan started out as a singer – specifically, an idol member. Yim SiWan first entered the entertainment industry through the idol group FROM ONE. While ZE:A has yet to disband, they are currently on hiatus as their members pursue solo activities. Despite this, SiWan has shown that being an idol is still part of his DNA. Whether it’s in the form of singing, dancing or a combination of both, you are able to recognize that SiWan was once a full-time idol member. But if you are totally new to Yim SiWan, then you are in for a treat!

Here are 5 performances that serve as a reminder of Yim SiWan’s idol roots.

1. ZE:A debut stage

It’s probably best to start with the start of SiWan’s idol career with ZE:A’s debut song ‘Mazeltov’. The dance track is addictive and has that iconic sound of songs produced in the early 2010s. SiWan has maintained his youthful appearance over the years, but looks noticeably younger during his debut performance. He gives the impression of a newborn chick ready to conquer the world.

2. Fan Concert Choreography

Thinking of Yim SiWan, you might not associate the words ‘swag’, ‘urban’ or ‘hip hop’ with the actor. But for his fan show, he was able to break through these prejudices and bring out the dance skills ingrained in his body. He looks completely in his element, as if he hasn’t taken several breaks in the life of an idol. We’d love to see more Yim SiWan performance videos like this one in the future!

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3. Live performance of ‘I And You’

From time to time, SiWan participates in the OST of the dramas he stars in. The actor-idol offered his honeyed vocals for the OST of the JTBC drama “Run On”. His clear and pure voice pierces your heart, leaving behind a warmth that spreads throughout your body. The more you listen, the more you’ll feel like you’re floating on a cloud, as you’re gently rocked to sleep.

4. Ballad version of ‘After Effect’

‘After Effect’ was originally an upbeat dance track by ZE:A. It is one of the idol group’s most iconic songs to date. When SiWan made a guest appearance on JTBC’s “knowledgeable brothers” he sang the ballad version of the song – and everyone loved it. From the first note, you can’t help but fall in love with SiWan’s enchanting vocals. If he released a full version, it would be a dream come true.

5. Girls’ Generation Dance Medley

SiWan was joined by former “Run On” castmate and fellow idol actor Girls’ Generation’s SooYoung at their first fan concert. SiWan has proven that he is not only restricted to choreography for boy groups, but he can also dance well to choreographies for girl groups! He absolutely killed it in this Girls’ Generation dance medley, along with SooYoung beside him. Not only does he nail the dance moves, he also has fun doing it.

Yim SiWan is an icon, whether on stage as an actor or an idol. And if we’re lucky, we have a little bit of both.

Do you want to see more of the idol Yim SiWan? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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