K-Pop performances never cease to amaze us. Whether for the decoration of the stages, the difficulty of the dance steps, or the props used in some choreographies. From fans to flags or even walking sticks, K-Pop idols are going all-in when it comes to props. And the plus is that the groups don’t use props just to make the choreography more beautiful, but an essential element of the dance, related to its concept. And as time goes by, the props are getting more and more diverse and more and more amazing.

Based on the concept the group is pursuing, they choose the relevant props to perform, and thanks to this, fans can see various performances that include props. As it gets better and better, fans are always wondering, what’s next, how good can it be? And we will definitely look to the next performance to include props, but for now let’s look back on all the 2022 and 2023 performances that made use of props.

Note: this is not a ranking.

1. TRENDZ – ‘Villain’

Despite being a new group, TRENDZ is proving to be very original, and has a lot of creativity, especially with this performance. Not many newcomers dare to use props as it is already difficult at this stage of an idol’s career to display a perfect choreography, but TRENDZ is ready to risk being different and shining with its unique colors! Making use of these strings made the ‘Villain’ choreography a hundred times better, now we can only hope that TRENDZ will come back with amazing props sooner rather than later!

2. ONEUS – ‘Same Scent’ (Traditional Version)

ONEUS has been praised many times for their incredible representation of the traditional concept, especially the props they use. Most of the time, the fans are the main element everyone looks at, but for this special version of ‘Same Scent’, all eyes were captivated by much more than just the fans. ONEUS made use of swords, ropes and flowers to decorate their stages and performances to bring us straight into their universe. ONEUS never ceases to amaze fans with their wonderful and creative way of bringing their concepts to life like no other!

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3. REINO – ‘Live the King’

KINGDOM is another group that is famous for its unique concepts, where each member is a king of a fantastic kingdom. During their previous promotion for ‘Long Live The King’, KINGDOM took their stage to another level with the use of rose bars. These important bars really added a new dimension to this stage and choreography, making it probably one of the most interesting stages in the group. It’s not easy to dance and use props at the same time, but KINGDOM went all-in and used those massive props, and it was 100% worth it!

4. Five Guardian Team “Boys Planet” – ‘Law’

Even though this unit is not an official group, they deserve their place in this article, as they are the only team to use a support in “Boys Planet”. This choreography was very impressive and powerful in its own right, including incredible dancers, rappers and vocalists. But instead of taking the easy way out, they took a bigger risk by deciding to use a giant flag on stage. Not only is the support so suitable for this performance and music, but it also made the whole performance even more impressive and powerful. They really made their act on stage! This is a performance people won’t soon forget!

In this performance, Hwang Minhyun is using cards from a card game as props. It’s an element that has rarely been included in performances until now, and it still has this very chic, mysterious and impressive effect on fans. Since the song is called ‘Hidden Side’, the cards are also a great choice for props, as a card has two sides and one is always hidden too! So Hwang MinHyun once again didn’t let us down either with an amazing comeback, concept and props!

It sure is a lot of creativity from our favorite idols! Who would have thought that these objects could be integrated as stage props so naturally? Which of these presentations with a prop is your favorite?

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