K-Pop groups are never lacking in the vocal department. Many idol vocalists amaze netizens with their breathtaking high notes and melodic trills that stir the hearts of fans and non-fans alike. Their skills are put on full display as they play a soulful ballad that tugs on our precious heart strings.

VICTON’s Seung Sik is a remarkable vocalist with the ability to convey a whole spectrum of emotions in a song. His voice is truly heaven sent and often leaves listeners speechless. Recently, SeungSik started his mandatory military service, which means fans won’t be seeing him on stage for the foreseeable future.

In the meantime, you can watch these heartwarming performances that showcase SeungSik’s unique vocal color.

1. Cover of ‘The First Snow’

SeungSik’s voice is an absolute gift to fans all over the world. It may be spring, but it’s never too early or too late for Christmas cheer. Your cover of ‘The First Snow’ provides an eternal warmth that spreads through your body from head to toe. Every day can be Christmas with SeungSik singing ‘The First Snow’.

2. Appearing in “King Of Masked Singer”

Although he didn’t make it to the final round, SeungSik gives a chilling performance of kim johan‘I want to fall in love’. You can feel your heart tremble with each note, and if you’re not careful, you could cry. There must be a warning of falling in love with SeungSik after this performance. But we think it’s a risk we’re willing to take!

While he’s amazing singing solo, Seung Sik does really well in a duet too! On KBS'”Immortal Songs 2“, he joined fellow group member Han SeungWoo and gave this performance of ‘Square One’ by the legendary singer Seol WoonDo. Everything from his harmonies to high notes was completely mesmerizing. There definitely needs to be more duets with these two.

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4. SeungSik’s 28th Spring

Typically for birthdays, the celebrant is the one receiving gifts from loved ones and friends. However, SeungSik shows all his kindness and offers this gift to his fans. He sings several songs in the video, imbuing each note with strong emotions and grace. Time will pass quickly, and you’ll find yourself hitting the repeat button over and over again.

5. Cover ‘Two People’

By the time this video was released, SeungSik had already enlisted in the military. Fans saw it as a parting gift from their idol. The song’s lyrics and emotions are magnified as thoughts of not being able to see SeungSik creep into fans’ minds. But many took the opportunity to thank SeungSik for the surprise gift and wish him the best of luck during his time in the military. The love between SeungSik and ALICE is truly unique and so sweet to witness.

What is your favorite vocal performance by VICTON’s SeungSik? Let us know in the comments!

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