Last year, on December 17, tvN’s “HwaSa Show” made its anticipated debut. While MAMAMOO’s Hwa Sa is widely known for her guest appearances and unbeatable stage presence, this was the first time she became the main MC of a show. Many were excited to see the talented singer take on this new role, curious to know what kind of show the “HwaSa Show” would be.

Through the program, HwaSa invited a variety of musicians to share stories about music, as well as fun facts from their daily lives. The nights spent watching the “HwaSa Show” were filled with much needed laughter and fun. However, like all good things, tvN’s “HwaSa Show” has come to an end. Although there will be no more episodes of “HwaSa Show” in the near future, their performances still remain for our enjoyment.

We’ve collected the videos that received the most views via tvN’s official YouTube channel.

The data for this article was collected on March 1, 2023 at 12:00 PM KST, and views for each video may have changed afterwards.

1. Jung Dong Won – Hallyang-ga (160,413 views)

Talented trot singer Jung Dongwon nailed his rendition of Hallyang-ga. He has captured the hearts of audiences everywhere with his invigorating vocals and dashing looks.

2. MAMAMOO Hit Songs Medley (137,401 views)

It wouldn’t be the “HwaSa Show” if she didn’t invite her groupmates to join her at one point. And what a way to end a magnificent show than to have all four of them sing in the last episode. They can completely fill the stage as soloists, but together, they are an unstoppable group of musicians.

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3. JY Park – Groove Back (Dance with HwaSa) (94,941 views)

JY Park brought his iconic disco funk to the “HwaSa Show” in full force – and he didn’t disappoint! He got everyone, even the hostess herself, to dance and get out of their seats. There’s certainly no one with JY Park’s groovy rhythm.

4. Epik High & HwaSa – Catch (74,046 views)

The hip hop trio has been rocking it since their debut in October 2003. In true Epik High style, they performed a song from their latest album, “Strawberry.” The laid-back, laid-back track ‘Catch’ originally featured HwaSa herself. So, much to the joy and excitement of many fans, they were able to hear the live version of this amazing track earlier than expected.

5. DPR LIVE – Hula Hoops (feat. HwaSa) (62,363 views)

If you’re looking for a stylish artist, look no further than DPR Live. The fashionable musician is a born performer and certainly knows how to work the stage. Hopefully there will be more chances to see them on stage together once more.

Have you watched tvN’s “HwaSa Show”? Let us know which performance you liked the most via the comments section!

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