JTBC’s”Rush hour” has consistently remained one of the hottest survival shows of the season. The competition may be slowly waning, but the passion and talent of the contestants continues to rise, incredible fans around the world. Viewers can’t get enough of the show’s performances to matching the judges’ reactions These hidden gems of K-Pop have all eyes on them as they vie for the top spot.

For the third round, all contestants performed original songs and received scores from the judges and audience in front of them. Each team left their hearts on stage and delivered memorable performances. While their streamed stages were captivating, their rehearsal videos were just as good, showcasing the teams’ overflowing talents.

We’ve collected the full camera shoot videos that got the most views on the official YouTube channel “Peak Time”. Check it out below!

The data for this article was collected on April 6, 2023 at 12:45 pm KST and the views for each video may have changed afterwards.

1. Crew 11:00/VANNER – ‘Skyscraper’ (185,245 views)

Team 11:00, or VANNER, once again showed their enormous effort and showed that even their essay is impressive and commendable. With this video, they got 185,245 views on YouTube.

2. Team 24:00 – ‘Be Mine’ (147,759 views)

Despite being made up of soloists, Team 24:00 shows its cohesion as a group and commands the stage from start to finish. Fans take notice of his efforts as ‘Be Mine’ got 147,759 views on YouTube.

3. Team 07:00/MASC – ‘It Doesn’t Matter’ (89,002 views)

It doesn’t matter that there are only two people on Team 07:00 because their stage presence is formidable and can be felt a mile away. With their impressive skills, they got 89,002 views on YouTube.

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4. Team 02:00/NTX – ‘CIRCUIT’ (52,995 views)

Team 02:00 has always surprised the judges and the audience since the very first episode. They show that their skills have only continued to improve with this performance. The group’s fans take notice of their efforts, giving this video 52,995 views on YouTube.

5. Team 23:00/DGNA – ‘Chamomile’ (52,720 views)

With its refreshing melody and the members’ citron vocals, we can see why so many like Team 23:00’s ‘Chamomile’! It’s a song that certainly puts you at ease from beginning to end. The video got 52,720 views on YouTube.

With so much skill during rehearsals, we can’t imagine how great the actual performances must be! Are you also watching JTBC’s “Peak Time”? Who are you rooting for? Let us know in the comments.

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