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Korean webtoons aka morning, are popular in and outside of South Korea. Many fans are excited about the announcement of over 28 webtoons to be adapted into dramas this year, and even more that have been confirmed for production. While not all popular webtoons are adapted into K-Dramas, the medium itself is gaining more and more traction around the world, so much so that the morning The fandom community is also growing at an incredible rate.

If you’re a fan of webtoons or want to get started, you’ve come to the right place. Here are 5 male webtoon characters from webtoons that have not yet received adaptations for K-Dramawho will steal your heart!

1 & 2. “Romance 101” – JaeHyun & YooYeon

    5 male protagonists of manhwa novels that made readers fall in love with them

Namsoo’s “Romance 101” on Naver Webtoon

The youth romance webtoon “Romance 101” (Korean: “Right Dating Guide”) by Namsoostarted in March 2018. This romantic comedy webtoon has a solid and exciting storyline.

Tells the story of our female protagonist who can’t choose between 2 boys – JaeHyun, his warm and friendly sunbaewhom she fell in love with at first sight, and YooYeon, the “bad boy” she doesn’t seem to get along with.

Although this webtoon doesn’t have a K-Drama adaptation yet, it does have a J-Drama adaptation called “Tadashi Koi no Hajimekata” starring otomo karen, Toyoda Yudai, It is Honda Kyoya!

Webtoon Links: Korean/English.

3. “Goodbye, father-in-law!” -HaNeul

    5 male protagonists of manhwa novels that made readers fall in love with them

“Goodbye, father-in-law!” by Gyogyo Park in Tapas

The webtoon “Goodbye Father-in-Law!” (in Korean: “Goodbye brother-in-law!”) by Gyogyo Park, also made readers fall in love with the tsundere male main character, HaNeul.

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It tells the story of a boy and a girl who are mutual enemies due to various disagreements. They end up becoming in-laws when their siblings get married. However, a twist of fate turns the marriage into a tragedy. So they time travel to their high school days to change that ending.

Webtoon Links: Korean/English.

4. “Rewriting My Husband’s Tragic Ending” – Tervion Halvenkia

    5 male protagonists of manhwa novels that made readers fall in love with them

“Rewriting My Husband’s Tragic Ending” by Nef & Kim Cukdas on Tapas

The ongoing webtoon “Rewriting My Husband’s Tragic Ending” (Korean for “I Became the Protagonist’s Wife”), by nef It is kim cukdas is a hot topic among webtoon fans for its swoon-worthy male lead, Tervion.

It’s a meta-fiction story about Alexia, a minor character in a novel called “The Book of Wolves” who ends up becoming the wife of the tyrannical male leader Tervion, whom she was sent to assassinate. However, Tervion is not only extremely attractive, but also a sweetheart, contrary to his image. When the designated hero is someone else, what will be Alexia’s fate?

Webtoon Links: Korean/English.

5. “Stuck” – Park YunSu

    5 male protagonists of manhwa novels that made readers fall in love with them

“Trapped” by HAEMURI on Naver Webtoon

“Trapped”, also known as “Olgami” (Korean: “올가미”) by HAEMURI, is one of the most popular dark fantasy romance webtoons of all time. Over time, it achieved cult classic status, especially for its characters.

If you like your romance webtoons a little twisted (and potentially toxic but addictive), “Olgami” is a must-read. It tells the story of a nervous ex-convict and a vampire who get caught in its noose but find themselves falling deeper and deeper. Park YunSu is that vampire, and he’s not a nice guy, but he’ll still seduce you with his charms.

Webtoon Links: Korean/English.

Who is your favorite romance webtoon character? Tell us in the comments section below!

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