In the past year, concerts have become a norm again, as many K-Pop idols and groups are now able to greet their global fans without too many restrictions. Between 2020 and 2021, the COVID-19 pandemic has put a stop to many activities, including concerts and tours, and while online concerts have become the next available option, they just don’t have the same effect as they would if they went live. ! However, from mid-2022 until now, many idols have managed to reconnect with their fans through live performances.

The chance to see many of their favorite K-Pop idols and groups was not taken lightly, as global fans took this opportunity to jam with their favorites and share special moments with them, even in the midst of thousands of equally screaming fans.

With social media becoming a unique platform that records and maintains many life events, many fans use social media to give updates and share some of their favorite moments from these concerts, attracting much praise from other fans. However, there are some fans who, for various reasons, may not have had the opportunity to attend these shows, but they very much hope to do so one day.

From this writer’s perspective, having scoured the internet, feeding our eyes various emotional moments from these shows, our resolve has been ignited and we look forward to being among the screaming fans as well capturing these incredible moments.

Here are some of the male idol group concerts that we would like to watch at least once in this lifetime.

ATEEZ is one of the top 4th generation groups that continues to garner global popularity and respect thanks to their outstanding live performances, brilliant concepts, interesting traditions, dynamic sound, and members who are simply as attractive as they are talented. In 2022 so far, they have been on multiple tours, reconnecting with their global fans and expanding their realm. With concerts that often spur countless viral moments and combined with the sheer amount of praise and appreciation they receive from fans online, it’s clear that an ATEEZ concert is a true experience. Frankly, if their musical performances are already at a level where you can feel your heart beating just by watching them from their screens, one can only imagine what it will be like to watch their concerts.

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Every fan should at least experience an EXO concert once in their lifetime. From the endless amount of content shared by fans online, an EXO concert has the same level of power and attraction as a football match final, where two impressive teams are vying for gold. It’s basically a must-watch as you know you’re definitely in for an emotional experience filled with jaw-dropping moments, screams and applauses of emotion as we all try our hand at singing and performing along with them.

SEVENTEEN’s concerts seem to be beyond the kind you record on your phone, but also carefully record every action and moment you experience in your diary. From the content we’ve seen online, SEVENTEEN’s concerts are the definition of fun and entertainment, as they clearly go above and beyond to ensure that even if you’re sitting amongst thousands of fans, you’re having a special, happy time.

When it comes to having beautiful interactions with fans at concerts, it feels like VAV wrote the manual as they always make their fans feel even more special. Aside from their playful antics, VAV always seem to give 110% with their performances, thrilling fans with their amazing dance moves, melodic vocals and eye-catching visuals too. Even though they haven’t played a show in a minute, fans still rave about their experiences at a VAV concert on social media. Now if great reviews don’t make you want to see a show then we don’t know what will.

From the countless videos and fan comments we’ve seen on social media, it’s clear that a MONSTA X concert is a must, as there are moments you don’t just want to watch from your screens, but see in person. Full of fun and emotion, in addition to their incredible performances and jaw-dropping costumes, one thing we can deduce from these contents is that their shows always match the vibrant and chaotic energy of the group.

What other group show would you like to watch? Let us know in the comments section.

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