Just like K-Dramas and K-Pop, Korean variety shows are becoming a staple source of entertainment for global fans. With its various interesting concepts that usually revolve around comedy, thrillers, game shows, adventures, slices of life, romance, historical facts and reality. Korean variety shows have undoubtedly been added in the must-watch category on various platforms by fans.

When it comes to casting, it can be said that 80% of the casts of many variety shows are celebrities, who play the hosts, recurring or guests on these shows. This undoubtedly adds to the value and popularity of these shows, as many tune in to see their favorite stars in a more relaxed and often comedic environment. Besides just the comedy, many variety shows also serve as a venue to showcase the personalities of these stars beyond the stage/screen glitz and glamor which makes fans connect more with them as well.

Countless variety shows have already been released, practically countless, some closed and others still in progress. In this list, we will share some of the variety shows that we would love to have a new season this year.

1. “It’s dangerous beyond the blankets”

It’s dangerous beyond the blankets” is a variety show that brought together a number of homebodies (individuals who would always rather stay home than go out) from various camps to the same house for a chance to mingle with individuals with similar personalities and actions. With 2 seasons, this series has starred some of our favorite idols and actors like EXO’s XiuMin, Kang Daniel, Kim Min SeokNCT Brand, Lee Yi Kyung, and Loco to name a few. It gained huge popularity because of the awkward but funny tension between the cast, which gradually changed into playful and hilarious banter. While we have no idea why it stopped at season two, this year we would love a new season of the show and starring the previous castmates or a new crop of stars.

2. “Coffee Friends”

coffee friends” was a wholesome TV show that not only made the troupe of customers who craved delicious food and drinks from its famous cast very happy and satisfied, but also the viewers. Following famous actors Yoo YeonSeok, Son HoJun, Choi Ji Wooand Yang SeJong, befitting the title name, the show created a friendly and warm atmosphere where people could come and enjoy delicious food made by these celebrities and a number of their famous helpers (friends) who made cameo appearances like SeHun do EXO, TVXQ’s YunHo, Nam JooHyuk, etc. The show was well-received by many fans as it showed that these stars were passionate about everything they did and were committed to giving their best at all times, while also making many fans’ hearts flutter with their adorable interactions. and thoughtful actions. .

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3. ‘Idol Dictating Contest’

The TV show tests the K-Pop idols’ knowledge of everything from food to music, movies and pop culture moments, while giving viewers a dose of comedy and hilarity amid the brain-racking questions. In its 2 seasons, the show had a long list of famous idols like EXO’s Kai, VIXX’s Ravi, Golden Child’s Lee JangJun, Stray Kids’ Lee Know, Lee MiJoo, Choi YeNa, SUPER JUNIOR’s EunHyuk, and comedian JaeJae cast as recurring members, while each new episode also features other famous idols as guest stars. This shows that the entertainment value is very high as it not only serves as an insight and exposes viewers to some of the interesting facts about Korea or the entertainment industry, but the tiki-taka banter between the cast members is also very high. hilarious.

4. “Prison mafia game”

Take the famously chaotic mafia game, throw in some hilarious personalities, put them in a prison and watch the mayhem ensue. “Prison mafia game” is perhaps one of the funniest Korean variety shows of all time. Combining physical and mental strengths, it brings together famous celebrities separated into two different teams and after a series of games, you will have to guess who is the mafia among you. It is the 1st season starred a list of celebrities such as GOT7’s Jay B, SEVENTEEN’s SeungKwan, Lee SangYeob, Lee Soo Geun, choi yenaetc. Although it was first released in 2019 and there hasn’t been another season since then, we hope to have a new season this year as its concept and delivery was just amazing.

5. “Celebrity romance”

celebrity bromance” or as it is popularly called “celebrity bros” is a paparazzi-type variety show that showcases the friendship of 2 famous male celebrities. In this type of almost everyday content, these celebrities are captured as they participate in fun activities together, while sharing heartfelt and touching stories about their experiences and goals as artists. In its seasons, the show has seen many stars like BTS’s V, Jungkook, Nam JooHyuk, Kim MinJae, GOT7’s Jackson Wang, MONSTA X’s JooHoney, Highlight’s Lee GilKwang, and Son Dong Woon, to name a few who are in the cast. Perhaps it could be labeled unique as its concept was truly amazing and no doubt many fans missed it dearly. We hope to see a new season of the show this year as well.

Which of these series would you love to watch again? Let us know in the comments section below.

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