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5 K-Pop idols who were famous at Ulzzang's pre-debut

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K-Pop idols are known for their incredible stage presence and captivating visuals. Whenever they step into the spotlight, there’s an unshakable aura around them that screams something ethereal and otherworldly. Fans can capture these iconic moments and post photos to various online communities.

While our favorite artists were able to flaunt their beauty after breaking into the music scene, some were well-known even before their debut. These idols were known as ulzzangs, which literally translates to “best face”. Even before they hit the stage, they were turning heads at school, in the neighborhood, and in online communities. His ulzzang status even became a stepping stone on his path to becoming an idol.

Look below to find out which K-Pop idol was a former ulzzang.

    5 K-Pop idols who were famous at Ulzzang's pre-debut

Online community / Dior

before becoming EXOprecious maknae, SeHun was a former ulzzang. During his teenage years, he would often post pictures of himself online, putting his looks on full display. Even filters or sunglasses couldn’t hide her pretty face. Once fans saw the photos of her ulzzang past, they went crazy over her dashing beauty. It seems like nothing has changed since then, as SeHun still remains a top-tier visual in the K-Pop industry.

    5 K-Pop idols who were famous at Ulzzang's pre-debut

WonHo’s Online Community/Instagram

WonHo is known for his muscular physique, heart-stopping performances and endearing personality. But during his pre-debut years, he was known as an ulzzang. He even appeared in the first season of a variety show called “generation ulzzang“. This is just proof that the entertainment industry recognized his looks from the beginning. WonHo’s appearance has only improved since many remain in love with the idol.

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    5 K-Pop idols who were famous at Ulzzang's pre-debut

Online Community / VIVIZ Official Twitter

Along with their wonderful dancing skills, SinB has always been known for their captivating visuals. But they weren’t just noticed when she became an idol. Even as a child, SinB was recognized for her striking looks, becoming a member of Ulzzang Kids, a group of children’s clothing models. SinB has grown magnificently since then, but it still has a natural beauty.

    5 K-Pop idols who were famous at Ulzzang's pre-debut

JinYoung’s Online/Instagram Community

JinYoung has stolen the hearts of many as an idol and an actor. He has an aura of charisma that surrounds him from head to toe. With many titles under his belt, he also holds the title of ex-ulzzang. JinYoung was active on the then-popular Korean social media site Cyworld. There, he was noticed for his amazing looks and was chosen to start his journey as an idol. The rest is history as he went on to become the incredible celebrity he stands before us today.

    5 K-Pop idols who were famous at Ulzzang's pre-debut

Irene’s Online Community / Instagram

Irene is praised as one of the most beautiful visuals in the K-Pop industry. Coming face to face with the idol, many are confused by her dazzling beauty. Even before debut, Irene was nicknamed “Daegu Ulzzang”. It turned out that some people would actually travel to Daegu just to catch a glimpse of its mesmerizing visuals. Now this is a next-level compromise, but we don’t blame them in any way.

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