Kim JiWoong is best known as an actor these days because of his roles in two Korean BL dramas “Kissable Lips” and “Roommates Of Poongduck 304″. By being one of the main characters in each drama, JiWoong has built a strong fan base among fans of BL dramas. But what many fans might not know is that before he was an actor, JiWoong used to be an idol. Unfortunately, his group disbanded a few years after his debut, and JiWoong never got the opportunity to continue in the music industry. At least until now, because he’s now a contestant on Mnet’s survival show”planet of boys“, and their will to debut again is stronger than ever.

For those who don’t know much about Kim JiWoong, this article can be a good introduction to him, and for those who are already into him, let yourself fall in love with him all over again. As mentioned before, JiWoong has already done a lot and is full of talents and charms for you to enjoy. Here are 5 Kim JiWoong charms that will make you fall in love with him.

1. Its mesmerizing visuals

    5 Kim JiWoong charms to make you fall in love with him

Kim Ji Woong’s Instagram

Kim Ji Woong is well known for his handsome and charismatic looks among rookie actors. And even as an idol, he would definitely be one of the visuals in his group. May it be her fair skin or her cherry lips, we all fall in love over and over again.

2. Your acting skills

As previously stated, JiWoong has been active as an actor for the past few years and his talent is undeniable. He has played two very diverse roles in the BL dramas he has starred in and more recently in a Koktv web drama where his character was the male lead and love interest of the story, he has portrayed another side of his talent as an actor. JiWoong is certainly full of talent, and his acting skills seem to be limitless.

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3. Your dancing talent

Kim JiWoong has captured everyone’s hearts with his dancing skills more than once. Especially when he pursues a sexy dance concept, it’s impossible not to set eyes on him. JiWoong is dancing not only with his body but also with his heart, and that’s what makes him so good and beautiful to look at.

4. Your soft and deep voice

JiWoong used to be an idol, so there’s no doubt that he has great vocal skills. But at this point, it looks like there’s nothing he can’t do. After dancing and acting, JiWoong can also sing and rap. He sang many songs in the past that showcased his singing talent, but recently in the survival “Boys Planet” he also showed that he could rap perfectly well, making him the perfect all-rounder!

5. Your kind attitude and big heart

Last but not least, JiWoong is also very kind-hearted. Whether it’s for his co-star, Yoon Seo Bin, as seen behind the scenes of his drama, or for fans, Kim Ji Woong is being a real-life angel. He is very affectionate and cute, making everyone fall in love with him at the same time. Despite his charismatic characters in dramas, JiWoong has a very soft side to himself that he isn’t afraid to show in more casual moments, like in this scene from one of the episodes of “Boys Planet”. Here, one of JiWoong’s team members was feeling bad because of his audition for a part of the song, and JiWoong, as the team leader, didn’t hesitate to comfort and cheer him up right away.

After seeing and hearing about all of JiWoong’s charms, you must have fallen in love with him just like we did! Fortunately, this fall doesn’t hurt, on the contrary, it will only make you happy!

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