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unintentional love story” is a currently airing BL web drama that has wowed K-Drama fans and BL lovers alike from the very first episode. The webtoon-based web series stars Cha Seo Won It is B1A4’s Gong Chan as its main clues. Their chemistry was absolutely electrifying and many fell in love with their sweet and growing love story.

Together, the two form an unstoppable pair that has captured the hearts of the BL community. GongChan, in particular, has been making waves for his stellar portrayal of Ji WonYoung. From his facial expressions to his general energy, GongChan has captivated the audience, receiving a lot of love and support.

If you’re curious about GongChan’s performance, look below to see some scenes where he gave us big butterflies.

Note: this article contains spoilers.

1. Unintentional mess cleanup

At this point in the series, Ji WonYoung (GongChan) and Yoon TaeJoon (Cha SeoWon) are comfortable with each other. Gradually, they got used to having each other around and started to walk towards the possibility of a loving relationship.

This scene has fans excited about WonYoung’s clumsiness and how he tries to wipe TaeJoon’s face. The playful exchange that ensues is extremely cute and makes you look forward to the progression of their relationship in the future.

2. An almost medicinal kiss

After not coming home for a few days, WonYoung finds TaeJoon sick on the couch. Seeing him in this state, WonYoung does everything to help TaeJoon. Though TaeJoon’s illness is worrying, temperatures soar due to this heart-stopping scene.

In an attempt to help TaeJoon take his medicine, WonYoung decides to try a mouth-to-mouth method. We’re sure everyone watching collectively held their breath in suspense. Sadly, the kiss is avoided, but the butterflies are alive and well, setting off a firestorm of romance.

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3. Drunk Confession

If WonYoung wasn’t cute enough while sober, his drunk self takes it to another level. The way he hugs TaeJoon gives off such a soft and cozy vibe that he radiates indescribable warmth. You can certainly feel those emotions through the screen. When he drunkenly confesses his inner feelings and thoughts, you can’t help but let an audible “aww” escape his lips. WonYoung is a precious gem and you cannot convince us otherwise.

4. Personal lunch box delivery

Just imagine: you’re working late into the night and you forget to eat. But just as your stomach starts growling, your lover enters with delicious food. This scene looks like it came straight out of a fairy tale. The way WonYoung initially looks at TaeJoon with eyes full of love is heartwarming and makes you feel a million things at once. WonYoung and TaeJoon are definitely a couple goals.

What do you think of GongChan’s acting in “Unitentional Love Story”? Let us know in the comments!

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