TFN are an up-and-coming K-Pop group with just over 2 years of experience in the industry. Despite the name change, they are still in love as ever and ready to conquer the world. They proved to be an idol group full of charisma from head to toe. From punchy rap lines to smooth vocals, TFN doesn’t lack in any way.

In addition to their impressive discography, top-notch visuals and international appeal, they are kings of performance and regularly set the stage on fire. They often display catchy dance moves with enormous power and strength. TFN shows off their skills, not only in their original songs, but also in cover performances. But don’t just take our word for it.

Check out these magnificent dance covers from idol group TFN!

1. J Balvin & Pitbull – ‘Hey Ma’

TFN’s danceable cover of ‘Hey Ma’ is proof that anywhere can be a dance floor for the boy group. They show off their skills from casual street wear to ready-to-show outfits. Regardless of what they wear, they are able to add the same amount of power and style. At the beginning of every dance cover there should be a disclaimer about the potential to fall in love with the idol group.

2. Khalid – ‘Speak’

The boys slow down in this choreography to ‘Talk’ by Khalid. TFN are not only punchy and hard-hitting, but also soft and relaxed to balance everything out. The trendy music combined with its refreshing dance moves will have you talking about TFN all day long.

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3. Daddy Yankee – ‘Problem’

No problem with this danceable cover of ‘Problem’ by Daddy Yankee. The TFN boys definitely have a swagger and the potential to become the next big performance group. That promise and their already obvious strengths make it easy to support this young idol group.

4. Collaboration with Stone

TFN is a group with the ability to transcend multiple borders. In this collaboration performance with Lapillus, the boy group shows that language is not an issue, able to embody the laid-back feel of ‘WOW BB’. Their performance is technical, in sync and fills you with inexplicable joy the longer you watch. Seeing how well they are able to handle any genre will make TFN stand out in no time.

Which dance cover performance is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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