4 Reasons Why You Should Stan K-Pop Girl Group PIXY: When Unique Meets Art We Get A Masterpiece

The only word we would use to describe PIXY right now is different. Different in the sense that with them, in terms of their sound, you don’t get the same familiar feeling that you might get from other K-Pop idols, but something refreshingly new, distinct and special. Being different is a welcome ideology in all forms of art. As viewers and consumers of products, a market with oversaturated sound can seem very tiring. Yet every once in a while, there’s that group, with an out-of-the-box concept and sound, that sends spark waves of electrifying excitement down your spine and somehow makes you feel alive again. That feeling is something we readily attribute to PIXY, a girl group with a unique sound wrapped around an artistic concept that simply creates a masterpiece.

For many who don’t already know, PIXY is a group of 5 girls (previously 7) who signed to ALLART Entertainment and made their debut in 2021 with the digital single ‘wings‘. Despite some difficult setbacks they’ve faced since their formation until today, there are many positives that continue to fuel them in their journey as artists.

Constantly defining and understanding their sound and developing their skills, this girl group deserves a lot of recognition and here are some of the reasons why we should all have them on our stan card.

1. A girl group full of potential

“Potential” is one of the many attractive traits we all look for in an idol or group. Regardless of your skill level now, we often look for that hunger and drive that makes us believe there will be a consistent level of growth as they continue on their journey, and if that’s the case, just for FOMO, we all gladly embark. on the ride with them. This is what we believe we (and perhaps many global fans) see in PIXY, which makes us keep an eye on them and their career.

With an already impressive level of skill: beautiful vocal colors, incredible performances and brilliant concepts, PIXY keep pushing their mantle and always look better than their last comeback or performance. They continue to show a sense of refinement with their delivery and are increasingly showing an impressive level of growth which, if continued on this trajectory level, will take them from “potential” to “excellent”. A quality that many fans undoubtedly look for in an idol group.

The potential is not just related to their musical abilities, as in this case it can be applied to their abilities to be TV stars as well. Funny and downright chaotic, each of the members has a witty sense of humor and the ability to express themselves in a cute and hilarious way that would make you smile broadly at their screens.

2. Performance Queens in the Making

A PIXY performance is a must and, in this writer’s experience, one of the reactions they evoke is a pure trance-like state as your mind is duly captivated as you stare at the screens with laser-focused eyes and a desire not to miss one. single move. As we mentioned earlier, PIXY continue to show a level of skill in many respects that is suitably impressive, and when it comes to their performances, it’s not only riveting, but also worth noting.

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Their stage presence is incredible and the way each member connects not only with the live audience but also with the camera, displaying expressions that accentuate their movements and the message of the song, is admirable. We won’t project them as “perfect”, but with their current skill level and clear consistency with their delivery, this crown could find a new resting place on their heads soon.

3. A discography filled with songs that make you confident

Browsing through PIXY’s impeccable discography, one of the feelings we can say we get from their songs is a high level of confidence and a secure belief in our power. It’s a buzzing feel-good effect that makes you feel like you can conquer anything or simply someone no one can mess with.

Whether with their message or sound, they lift your mood, give you energy, and at various times make you laugh or send shivers down your spine because of their lyrics, intonation, or delivery. These feelings and more contribute to why PIXY’s songs are the kind you can listen to over and over again without feeling overwhelmed or tired.

Also, another impressive point we’d like to note is how well PIXY skates across multiple genres. From EDM to Deep House, RnB, Ballads, Pop, Hip-Hop, Electro Pop and every other genre in between, PIXY proves that their sound is, by all definitions, versatile and eclectic.

4. When creativity makes you connect the dots of their story

Lore creates or portrays a deeper meaning for a song, performance or concept. It is a group identity that describes its mission or current phase of its journey. Subtle or loud, tradition is always something that makes fans feel connected with their favorite group and PIXY understands that. Each of their releases has created a similar thread that connects with each other. It could be in the form of a lyric that references a song, a prop or action that speaks to a specific message, or simply telling your story.

While on the surface they make amazing music, when you read more about the songs and the messages behind them, it somehow heightens the sense of understanding and appreciation you have for them.

PIXY continues to show off and thrill with their incredible sound as they return with their 4th mini album “Dark City Episode 2: CHOSEN KARMA“. Check out the music video for its lead single ‘KARMA‘ below.

Did this article make you want to like PIXY or are you already a fan of the group? Let us know in the comments section.

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