The world of K-Drama is always filled with a wide variety of series to choose from. There are several dramas that air a day, keeping our schedules filled with many hours of entertainment and fun. Recently, a new weekend drama has entered the mix called “The Real Has Arrived!“. The KBS drama features Baek Jin Hee, Ah Jaehyun, Cha Joo YoungIt is Jung Eui Jae.

“The real one has arrived!” depicts the story of Oh YeonDoo (Baek JinHee), a Korean language instructor, and Gong TaeKyung (Ahn JaeHyun), a talented obstetrician and gynecologist from a prestigious family. The two team up to form a false contractual relationship to happily live their own lives. However, it’s not as simple as they think, as they face various obstacles from their family and ex-boyfriends, among other things.

With only two episodes released so far, “The Real Has Come!” it’s proving to be a lot of fun and worth watching! But don’t just take our word for it.

Check out some of the reasons why you should start this drama below!

1. Quirky close-knit family

Oh YeonDoo’s family may look ordinary on the outside, but they’ve already been shown to have some unique traits and quirks. Each family member radiates a vibrant personality that makes you curious and want to tune in to more of the drama. They also show a particular closeness with one another, promising several exciting scenes in the future.

2. Chemistry between conductors

In the teaser videos, Oh YeonDoo and Gong TaeKyung are shown to have a push and pull relationship. Although they conspire together to form a fake relationship, they show that it will certainly take some time before they are on the same page. This produces fan excitement about how his story will develop. Looking at the behind-the-scenes videos, Baek JinHee and Ahn JaeHyun already show sweet and adorable chemistry, building anticipation for “The Real Has Come!” louder than ever.

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3. Cha JooYoung’s Versatile Charms

    4 Reasons to Watch Weekend K-Drama "The Real Has Arrived!"

KBS Instagram

It hasn’t been long since Cha JooYoung’s riveting portrayal of the provocative Choi HyeJeong on Netflix”the glory“. Although many may still be familiar with the actress in this role, she makes a shocking change in “The Real Has Come!”. She shows a much more restrained and careful Jang SeJin. just another testament to Cha JooYoung’s magnificent acting skills and a reason why you should add “The Real Has Come!” to your watch list.

4. Long Drama

    4 Reasons to Watch Weekend K-Drama "The Real Has Arrived!"

KBS Instagram

Many K-Drama fans may be familiar with the 16-20 episode format that has become the expected norm. However, with “The Real Has Come!” being a weekend drama, fans and potential viewers can expect up to 50 episodes of the enchanting drama. It can be a source of weekend entertainment for weeks to come. The first two episodes already draw attention to the surprising plot and friendly characters. It would be a shame to miss the birth of another heartwarming memorable K-Drama.

Have you started watching “The Real Has Come!”? What do you think of the drama? Let us know in the comments!

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