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The world of K-Drama doesn’t sleep and there’s always a series ready for the public to watch at any time. From the gripping thriller to the heartwarming romance, there’s a show to suit every taste just waiting to be watched. Recently, a fun new K-Drama premiered called “Let’s go! Deborah“. ENA drama presents Yoo InNa, Yoon HyunMin, It is Joo Sang Wook. The drama is made available to global fans through Amazon Prime Video.

“Bora! Deborah” follows popular romance author and dating coach Yeon BoRa (Yoo InNa), who operates under the pseudonym Deborah. She gained fame for her relationship advice and vibrant personality. She runs into Lee Soo Hyuk (Yoon Hyun Min), an editorial planner at a publishing company. In relationships, he can be aloof and cold. The two become involved in each other’s lives and go through several changes.

With only two episodes released so far, “Bora! Deborah” is proving to be an absolute pleasure to watch! From the characters to the plot and everything in between, this drama has it all.

Here are some reasons why you should start this delicious series ASAP.

1. Brave and charismatic female lead

    4 reasons to watch fun romantic comedy K-Drama "Let's go!  Deborah"

This one

Yeon BoRa is an absolute icon. She is brimming with that unwavering charisma and confidence that draws audiences right to her. She gives off main character vibes right from the start, showing that she’s already at the top of her game. Though that doesn’t mean that BoRa will be free of any difficulties or conflicts. But we’re sure, with her personality, she’ll outdo them with style and talent, and we can’t wait to see more of her success.

2. Colorful set of actors

    4 reasons to watch fun romantic comedy K-Drama "Let's go!  Deborah"

This one

With the drama’s premiere, our eyes are laser-focused on the two leads — and rightly so, as they are the centerpieces of “Let’s Go! Deborah.” However, the rest of the cast also deserves a nod of recognition. This includes the likes of SoJin Girls Day, ikon june, 2PM’s Chan SungIt is Lee Sangwoon. Whether it’s comic relief, an additional love story or a quintessential ex, the supporting cast brings a lot of life to the drama. Their unique colors add another layer of depth to the already amazing series.

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3. Fun and Solid Relationship Advice

Being a dating coach, it would be wrong if BoRa didn’t provide any relationship advice. Thankfully, she offers some wisdom about love sprinkled throughout the drama. While it’s wise to take her advice with caution, much of what she says offers some insight into what makes a relationship work. She presents the advice in a fun way, but still manages to get all the right things across. You’ll find yourself laughing one second and agreeing with her words the next.

4. Lighthearted romantic comedy

“Bora! Deborah” came out right on time as a true embodiment of spring. It balances the lighthearted and funny moments well with scenes of much-needed introspection. The relationships between the characters are an absolute joy to watch and the romantic aspect of the show will smile from ear to ear. Along with a typical friends-to-lovers trope, “Bora! Deborah” has everything it needs to become a truly spectacular rom-com.

Have you already started watching ENA’s “Bora! Débora”? What are you thinking of the series so far? Let us know in the comments!

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