We live in a world where Disney is not just home to exciting animated films and the incredible Marvel franchise. The house of Walt Disney has also been churning out top-notch K-Dramas that have slowly crept to the top of watch lists everywhere. “call it love” joins the ever-growing roster of Disney+ K-Dramas and has absolutely delivered.

“Call It Love” is described as a romantic melodrama and boasts a proven cast with Lee Sung Kyung, Kim Young Kwang, Sung Jun, EXID’s HaniIt is Kim Ye Won. The drama follows Shim WooJoo’s (Lee Sung Kyoung) revenge against Han Dong Jin (Kim Young Kwang), the son of the woman who caused harm to his family. However, DongJin struggled because of his mother and suffered from loneliness his entire life. Their lives change drastically after they meet.

While the pace may be slow, the actors deliver a wonderful performance from the very first episode. The drama will have you deeply invested in and caring for its wonderfully written characters. But if you’re still undecided about this drama, we’re here to help!

Here are 4 reasons why you should pick up the heartwarming melodrama “Call It Love”.

1. The two main clues

    4 Reasons to Watch Emotional and Romantic Disney+ K-Drama "call it love"


Sometimes, a drama’s main protagonists are enough to determine whether we should pick it up or not. Lee SungKyoung and Kim YoungKwang are proven veterans in the field with iconic hits like “Weight lifting fairy Kim BokJoo” It is “My Secretary’s Secret Life” on their resume. In their behind-the-scenes shoot, they’ve already been shown to have plenty of chemistry, even joking around on set to lighten the mood. When together on screen, they produce a kind of desire that can only be brought out by seasoned actors. perfectly suited for each other as they are both models turned actors who are popular for their great acting skills.At just four episodes in, our eyes are riveted on these two and how their relationship plays out later in the drama.

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2. Touching story

If you’re a fan of heartache and a good backstory, then this drama is definitely for you. Shim WooJoo and Han DongJin’s past is filled with many scenes that will violently touch your heart, making you completely immersed in the melodrama. Both characters live with a trauma that has caused them pain for years. But it’s because of that heartache and pain that you find yourself rooting for your eventual happiness.

3. Amazing Cinematography

Good acting is one thing and a great story is another – but to have amazing cinematography on top of all that? This is the trifecta of an iconic drama in the making. Just from the opening, the cinematography of “Call It Love” is absolutely breathtaking, showcasing a soft tenderness that warms your entire body. These beautiful stills continue throughout the drama and seem to get better as the drama unfolds.

4. Revenge Cozy

Now, the premise of this drama is centered around Shim WooJoo’s revenge. But what if I told you it’s surprisingly cozy and heartfelt – because that’s certainly the case. “Call It Love” offers immense downtime between the revenge plot to really turn the characters into likeable people. Their acting may very well make you forget about the revenge aspect and even more the happiness aspect of the characters. The close-knit family, along with the beautiful cinematography, contribute immensely to this, making the story well-balanced and filled with so many amazing surprises.

Are you currently watching the heartwarming K-Drama “Call It Love”? What are you thinking of the series so far? Let us know in the comments!

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