JTBC Show Contestants “Rush hour” has been grabbing attention and raising the bar for competition shows since their debut. Each team has received an explosive response from audiences as the survival show reveals these hidden gems of K-Pop. In addition to their talents, fans of the show have are falling in love with their endearing personalities through behind-the-scenes content.

One group that definitely deserves all the love and praise is none other than BAE173. For now, until they reach the Top 6 in “Peak Time”, they are called Team 13:00. They have won every round so far and have slowly gained recognition for their charismatic stage performances. While they showcased their prowess in “Peak Time,” the idol group has even more examples of their overflowing talent waiting to be discovered.

So, look below for more inspirational performances from BAE173.

1. ‘I Need You’ in “Immortal Songs 2”

Even before their official debut date, BAE173 performed on KBS’ “Immortal Songs 2“. They sang their own version of BTS‘ legendary track ‘I Need You’. It had everything from precise movements to a refreshing high note at the end. The audience couldn’t help but give them a standing ovation as soon as they finished. Such a promising start to his music career!

2. Cover Dance Medley

BAE173 is a multi-talented team that can take on multiple genres. They show off their dancing prowess in this cover dance medley uploaded to 1theK’s YouTube channel. Not only do they tackle familiar boy group songs, but also iconic girl group tracks that showcase their versatility as artists. Their moves are so good, you start to wish they covered the entire song instead of one small part.

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3. VIXX’ ‘Shangri-La’ Dance Cover

Looking back at her dance performances, her cover of VIXX ‘Shangri-La’ cannot be overlooked. They look absolutely majestic in their hanbok and make perfect use of their fans, not once losing control of them. Her dancing lines are mesmerizing and you’ll find yourself falling under her overwhelming charms.

4. ‘Get UGH’ in “The Show

‘get him UGH’ comes from BAE173’s fourth mini-album “ODYSSEY:DaSH”. It might not be the title track, but that B-side is tough and deserves to be repeated ten times. Its hip-hop-inspired beat is addictive and modern, and would serve as the perfect soundtrack before a night on the town. You can feel every cell in your body jumping with excitement from just one listen.

Are you supporting BAE173 in JTBC’s “Peak Time”? Let us know in the comments!

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