DKB is a K-Pop idol group with incredible stage presence and overwhelming passion that can be felt on screens everywhere. They are currently participating in JTBC’s “Rush hour“, one of the hottest survival programs of this season. Currently, they are promoting on the program under the pseudonym Team 8:00. Although their name has not yet been revealed, many netizens with eagle eyes have recognized the idol group.

DKB is killing it in the survival competition program. They left the audience speechless with their high-quality performances, leaving many eager for more. While it may be easy to look up your idol group, it can be difficult to figure out where to start. If you’re curious about DKB and you’re in this exact situation, you’ve come to the right place!

Here are some DKB performances that will make you a fan in no time!

1. Genie Originals “Just Dance” Dance Medley

The DKB boys dance to a selection of songs, ranging from SEVENTEEN‘Rock With You’ to one of its title tracks, ‘Rollercoaster’. Regardless of whether it’s your own music or not, your performance capabilities shine through. They are able to imbue cover songs with their own color while also displaying different charms. They are a group bursting with talent who deserve all the attention and praise.

2. “É Ao Vivo” Performance ‘ALL IN’

“It’s Live” is known for its amazing live band performances with various idol groups. Here, DKB not only sing live, but incorporate their synchronized choreography. They don’t lose their breath even for a second and complete the song with flying colors. Everything from the vocals to the rapping was done to perfection. This performance certainly showcased DKB’s impressive talent and ability to perform live.

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3. ‘Introduction’ + ‘Rollercoaster’ Hanbok Version

The opening with the use of traditional Korean instruments raises expectations – and DKB does not disappoint. It’s impressive how they were able to incorporate the old and new of traditional stringed instruments and incorporate hard-hitting choreography. Then stepping into royal music, performing in hanboks makes the idol group look like modern-day crown princes. We would definitely love to see the rise of the DKB monarchy.

4. ‘ALL IN’ Part Change

It would be a crime not to show some of the funny side of DKB to potential fans. While they are incredibly charismatic, they can also be complete jerks. They surprisingly get most of the song right despite changing parts. Although there are some noticeable differences that cause screams of humor from DKB members. With that duality, DKB covers all its bases of being funny and cool stage performers.

DKB is definitely a group to watch and should now be at the top of many people’s discovery lists.

Are you following the DKB? What do you think of them? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section!

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