K-Dramas sometimes serve as parallels to real life, featuring main characters that we can relate to on a personal level. Even if they are life-saving doctors or charismatic lawyers, their features seem perfectly human and natural. There’s no doubt that if they got rid of that main character prestige, they’d be like the rest of us.

Then there are those male leads who have something ‘special’ about them – and by special we mean that they have some sort of superpower. Now, superpowers are pretty much non-existent in real life, so these K-Drama leads already have an advantage over us regular folks. They impress audiences with their otherworldly skills and show a charm that cannot be produced in real life. These powers are the definition of cool and have fans talking for hours.

So, let’s meet some of these male leads who amazed viewers with their superhuman abilities!

1. “You who came from the stars” – Do MinJoon

Do MinJoon was an iconic role for Kim Soohyun in the legendary drama “You who came from the stars”. He was literally out of this world, being an alien who descended from outer space.

His skill set includes the ability to stop time, teleport, levitate and much more! Do MinJoon was a force to be reckoned with. If his superpowers weren’t enough, he also possessed impressive intellect and jaw-dropping visuals. There were no real holes in Do MinJoon.

2. “Book of the Gu Family” – Choi KangChi

Whereas Choi KangChi, played by the iconic Lee Seung Giwas part human and part gumiho, it’s no surprise that he has supernatural abilities.

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When he transforms into a Gumiho, KangChi gains superhuman strength, increased speed, and increased regenerative abilities. With Lee SeungGi in charge of this character, it looks like Choi KangChi has gained an additional ability: the power to steal the hearts of fans everywhere. Now that’s what you call overpowered.

3. “Are you human too?” – Nam Shin III

With Seo Kang Joon playing the role of Nam Shin III, many were awed by her jaw-dropping beauty. But that wasn’t his only impressive feature on “Are You Human Too?”

The technologically advanced android possessed superhuman strength, a built-in lie detector, and access to all the knowledge in the world. But honestly, the list just goes on. Despite having circuits and wires in place of a real heart and brain, Nam San III had the heart of a normal person, developing characteristics of an ordinary human being.

Outside Lee SooYeon, played by Lee JeHoon, looks like an ordinary airport employee. But underneath that air of normalcy is a robotic limb that screams anything but normal.

With it, Lee SooYeon possesses superhuman strength and the ability to withstand countless blows to her arm. While the origin story behind her robotic limb is filled with pain and trauma, SooYeon overcomes these difficulties and uses her newfound power to help those around her. With her, he has already saved several, becoming a hero in broad daylight. Not all heroes wear capes – if they’re like Lee SooYeon, they wear tailored suits.

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