Over the years, a rose has slowly evolved as a girl group, showing different versions of themselves through their various comebacks. They adopted several unique concepts while maintaining their iconic sound that everyone recognizes from them. Their overflowing talent and determination have made it possible for Apink to last so long in the entertainment industry.

The legendary girl group made their long-awaited comeback with their 10th mini album “SELF”. With it comes the refreshing title track ‘DND’, which stands for “Do Not Disturb”. ‘DND’ feels nostalgic and reminiscent of older hits like ‘No No No’, providing fans with a sense of comfort and relief from life’s troubles. It’s filled with encouraging lyrics that provide an endless amount of strength.

If you haven’t watched the music video yet, check it out here!

We’ve selected some heartfelt lyrics from Apink’s ‘DND’, so take a look below!

1. “Don’t disregard the dream you postponed”

    4 heartfelt lyrics from Apink's newest title track 'DND'

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Everyone has a dream they want to achieve and fulfill. However, sometimes we need to put our dreams on hold to pursue other things in life. Through this simple line Apink encourages us to look back on our forgotten dreams. It is a source of motivation and strength to try again.

2. “Trust yourself for who you are”

    4 heartfelt lyrics from Apink's newest title track 'DND'

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In the sea of ​​life, it can be all too easy to get mixed up with the tide of people. By doing so, we could eliminate any sense of individuality that we might have. However, in Apink style, the idol group delivers that message of support, reminding listeners that they are unique in their own ways. It is on our unique qualities that we can build a solid foundation of confidence to overcome all of life’s difficulties.

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3. “After it rains you know it will get stronger”

Rainy days are certainly unavoidable, bringing with them an enormous load of suffering and anguish. Apink reminds us of this harsh reality, but it also provides some solace to look forward to. This line serves as a beacon of hope that, at the end of a rainy season, the sun will surely shine. By facing these obstacles, we will grow better and stronger than ever before.

4. “It’s OK to Say You’re Lost”

No wonder life is often confusing and can make us question our daily decisions. While there’s no way to avoid this at any age, Apink reminds us that admitting our worries and shortcomings is totally acceptable. While some may see this as a weakness, admitting to unfortunate situations can open the door to help.

Apink’s ‘DND’ offers an insane amount of encouragement and motivation to look on the bright side of things.

What’s your favorite line from Apink’s newest title track? Let us know in the comments!

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