After weeks of teasing, billie returned, making his long-awaited return. Girl group Mystic Story is known for its great depth of creativity, able to perfectly nail any concept given to them. They are an absolutely versatile group and they have proven it once again with the release of their fourth mini album and music video for its title track, ‘EUNOIA’.

‘EUNOIA’ is a funky dance track, taking fans down memory lane in melody and cinematography. Set in the halls of a high school, there are vibes of nostalgia and youth imbued throughout. There are fantastic elements that make the music video enchanting and difficult to look away from the screen.

If you haven’t seen the music video for ‘EUNOIA’ yet, check it out below!

Now, here are some of our favorite scenes below!

1. Bus ride with Billlie

At the beginning of the music video, we enter Billlie’s world and see the girls riding a school bus. It may seem quite ordinary, but the idea of ​​meeting the idol group on the way to school gets fans’ hearts and minds racing. We’re sure many would stop midway speechless if they saw Billlie sitting in the back of a bus.

2. Tsuki’s first “Heartbeat Heartbeat”

There must be some magic hidden in Tsuki’s heartbeat, because we’re under an unbreakable spell. His voice tone, special effects and the way the camera zooms in make a deadly combination. We can’t help but continually hit the answer button to watch that exact scene over and over again.

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3. Fun and fun dance break

After a refreshing high note and a charismatic rap part, Billlie brings us into the song’s dance break. While not too over the top, it strikes a nice happy medium with simple dance moves that fans can easily follow. The funky basslines are addictive, sending an electric energy down your spine, making it hard to stay in your seat. Within a few seconds you’ll find yourself dancing with the girls in no time until the end of the song.

4. Photo Collage

Between the dance break and the final chorus, we see a collage of pictures of Billlie’s members. It sends waves of nostalgia through viewers with the way it is presented, as if they were filmed before the early 2000s. It’s a great touch and fits perfectly with the running theme of ‘EUNOIA’. Now what do we need to do to get these photos as photocards?

What do you think of the MV for Billlie’s newest title track ‘EUNOIA’? Let us know in the comments section!

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