Good news for all ARMYs who lost their winter bear, aka BTS’s V. The idol appeared on tvN’s latest variety show “Jinny’s Kitchen”.

Succeeding “Youn’s Kitchen”, “Jinny’s Kitchen” leads Park SeoJun, V from BTS, Choi WooShik, Lee SeoJin and Jung YuMi on board. They opened a restaurant in Bacalar, Mexico to sell Korean street food. A show packed with our favorite stars and delicious food, there’s nothing more you could ask for.

Especially for the ARMY. It’s been a long time since BTS members appeared on variety shows and as individuals. V will be joined by two other Wooga Squad members; Park SeoJun and Choi WooShik. Their friendship is widely adored by fans and they are looking forward to seeing the three of them on screen together again after “In The Soop: Friendcation”.

V is keen to keep his true self on the show, which means fans get to see a lot of adorable moments from him. They liked to see him relaxed and enjoying the moment. Here are BTS’s 3 favorite moments from V in “Jinny’s Kitchen”.

This article contains spoilers.

1. V goes from being wary of Lee SeoJin to surprising him with his honesty

We can’t blame V here. Meeting one of the most respected and ranked superstars can be stressful. At the same time, fans appreciated V’s humility when interacting with Lee SeoJin. Lee SeoJin is the oldest member on the show, while BTS’s V is the youngest. Therefore, in keeping with Korean culture, V made sure to be absolutely polite and respectful of Lee SeoJin. He was wary of him as they had never met before, but SeoJin made sure he could relax around him.

Like the moment they first met, V waited for SeoJin to sit down before he sat down. He bounced smoothly up and down as he went back and forth over whether he should sit down or not. In another case, when they received the car, V was in charge of driving. He used both hands on the steering wheel, to which Lee SeoJin assured him that he could use one hand.

However, his gestures were appreciated and fans found it cute as well.

It was time for the youngest to feel comfortable. V is widely known for making people fall in love with him with the help of his cheesy charms. And also, your honesty. He would take everyone by surprise and therefore make him even more adorable.

In Episode 1 of “Jinny’s Kitchen”, the boss, Lee SeoJin, was worried because there weren’t many customers. As the four of them sat together, V unexpectedly asked him about their salaries. He asked how much they will receive. SeoJin was taken aback by the sudden question and laughed in disbelief.

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In his defense, V said he was just curious.

    3 Times ARMY Couldn't Resist BTS V's Adorability in "jinny's kitchen"


2. V’s reaction when he received a note from an ARMY

It is no surprise that many customers recognize V. BTS has its fandom spread all over the globe and is recognized as the most famous or the stars of the time.

One of the most emotional moments on the show was when an ARMY left him a note. The note caught Lee SeoJin’s attention when he was cleaning the table. He gave the paper to Choi WooShik to deliver to the recipient as well. The idol was confused when he received the note. It was the face of true happiness, seeing her eyes half closed and a smile bigger than any other.

Later, we also saw the ARMY who wrote the note while eating and the content of the note. It said “I love you” with a heart at the end. This adorable moment touched the hearts of many fans and thus made it to our list.

3. Choi WooShik and V’s interaction

Despite being in “Youn’s Kitchen” as well, WooShik was not promoted in “Jinny’s Kitchen”. Lee SeoJin stated that he had no experience running a restaurant and had since entered late. From then on, he remained a trainee along with newcomer V.

The two interns’ two interactions on the show were for a living. Being best friends before the concert, Choi WooShik and V enjoyed every moment in “Jinny’s Kitchen”.

    3 Times ARMY Couldn't Resist BTS V's Adorability in "jinny's kitchen"


One moment that left viewers soft was when WooShik kissed the top of his forehead. He proved how much the youngest was loved by the Wooga Squad. The actor gently stroked him and assured him that he was fine. V felt motivated by his hyung’s affection and said he would do his best.

As we’ve mentioned before, one of V’s greatest charms is how unpredictable and lovable he is. His honesty and bluntness make him seem so innocent and adorable that you just can’t resist. The show is still ongoing, which means we’ll be seeing more of the charming intern.

Do you have a favorite BTS V moment on the show?

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