Netflix is ​​home to a wide selection of K-Dramas and the newest series to join the Netflix family is from JTBC”Divorce Lawyer Shin“. The webtoon-based drama revolves around Shin SungHan, played by Cho Seung Woo, a talented pianist turned lawyer. He specializes in divorce cases, meets with various clients and defends them. It’s an incredibly moving drama that will unexpectedly make an impact on your heart.

While the lead, Cho Seung Woo, is known for his more serious roles, his portrayal of Shin SungHan offers an unexpected twist to what we normally see of the actor. Unlike the cold promoter Woo TaeHa of “Strange” or the genius engineer Han TaeSul from “Sisyphus: the myth“, Shin SungHan has an aura of warmth and comfort right from the start. You can feel yourself gradually falling under his charms as the drama continues.

Now, here are 3 times the actor proved to be a re-energizing, happy vitamin in “Divorce Lawyer Shin”!

Note: this post may contain spoilers.

1. Be a loving uncle

    3 times Cho SeungWoo proved to be a happy vitamin "Divorce Lawyer Shin"


Before being a pianist or divorce lawyer, Shin SungHan is first and foremost a loving uncle. His face lights up even from a simple phone call with his nephew, Seo KiYoung (played by Kim Joon Eui). They have a special relationship with each other and look forward to their time together.

SungHan even leaves work early to prepare for his nephew’s arrival. Although their time together is short, he tries his best to create happy and lasting memories with his beloved nephew. Anyone would love to have an uncle like Shin SungHan to go out and take care of them.

2. Random Karaoke

A fun fact about Cho Seung Woo is that he comes from a musically inclined family and has a resume full of musical appearances. Therefore, it is an absolute pleasure to hear him sing in K-Dramas, even if he does it in a comical way. There are several scenes throughout the JTBC series where Shin SungHan puts on his favorite songs, doing impromptu karaoke.

While he’s an amazing singer on his own, he’s funnier when his two closest friends join in. They bring the karaoke bar into the room with some drinks and a portable microphone. While Shin SungHan acts carefree, he quickly joins in on the fun, giving a stellar collaborative performance. We definitely need a friend like Shin SungHan in our lives.

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3. Cheer up the people around you

Whether it’s their longtime friends or former radio show host Lee SeoJin (played by Han HyeJin), Shin SungHan always finds a way to cheer up the people around him. Not only does he have a way with words, but his actions are sincere and full of sincerity. Genuineness simply runs through his veins, making it impossible not to feel good when he appears on screen. Shin SungHan’s kind-hearted nature has been consistent since the first episode, despite his sarcasm and sass. He might not know how to mend a door, but he sure can mend a person’s broken spirit.

Are you watching “Shin Divorce Lawyer”? What did you think of the drama so far? Let us know in the comments!

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