3 Things We Loved About The Netflix K-Film “Kill Boksoon” And The Actors’ Portrayals

kill boksoon” is the latest Netflix release that has us glued to our TV screens over the weekend. This K-Film is about a single mother by day and a stone-cold killer by night. Gil BokSoon works for an assassination agency. When she is faced with her contract renewal and negotiations, she enters into a head-to-head between kill or be killed.

The film stars experienced actors like Sul KyungGu, Jeon DoYeon, Esom, and Koo KyoHwan. It also stars some of the brightest rising actors such as Lee Yeon and Kim Shi Ah.

Naturally, due to the exciting storyline and amazing cast, the film is getting global attention. As such, we’ve compiled a list of 3 things we love about Netflix K-Film “Kill Boksoon”.

1. Jeon DoYeon’s Strong Female Character

Granted, Jeon DoYeon’s character does an ethically questionable job… However, if we put morals aside, his character is just plain cool. We love an empowered female lead who is considered the best in her field and who no one can compare to. She portrayed her character with the poise and distinction befitting the role, while also being downright badass too. Not to mention her fight scenes were very well choreographed and executed. Also, the way she created a balance between the emotions of being a cold killer and being a concerned mother was exceptionally done.

2. The overall phenomenal performance of the cast

As phenomenal as Jeon DoYeon’s performance was, we have to give flowers to the rest of the cast as well. From rising actors Kim ShiAh and Lee Yeon, to veterans like Sul KyungGu, Esom, and Hwang JungMin (who made a cameo appearance in the film’s opening scene), each actor played their character as if they were souls from past lives. . Their chemistry and character dynamics really added to the plot, paying off as one of the film’s strongest facts. It’s always a treat to watch anything where the actors take their craft and storytelling seriously.

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3. Lee Jaewook cameo

Lee Jaewook also made a guest appearance in “Kill Boksoon”. His participation as a villain was really a shock to the system in the best way. Firstly, he played the part so well, from his demeanor to his manner of speaking. He definitely gave you the chills. Second, he foreshadowed future roles as a villain. We need to see Lee Jaewook in a lead role as a villain as soon as possible. His transformation from previous characters (like the latest adorable Jang Uk) was so convincing that we can’t imagine what he could do with more screen time for such a portrayal.

What are some of the things you loved about “Kill Boksoon”? Let us know in the comments.

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