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When it was announced that NCTin jaehyun, jungwooIt is doyoung would be uniting to form a sub-unit, the fans collectively screamed in excitement. They gave a taste of what a collaboration between the three would look like last year. The trio released a medley of Christmas carols and performed together on “MBC Music Festival“.

Now, we can finally rejoice in the official debut of the unit and the newly released title track ‘Perfume’. If songs exude a scent, ‘Perfume’ has an alluring scent of elegance, leaving you curious to find out more about the alluring scent. The song hits all the checkboxes of a chart-topping hit and has no gaps from the MV for the track alone.

The music has us mesmerized and humming all day long. Here are some things we love NCT DOJAEJUNG‘Perfume’.

1. Aspects of a Home Video

Gone are the days of VHS and camcorders. But just because these items are rarely used doesn’t mean they don’t have some significant value. Through the ‘Perfume’ MV, some scenes are edited to look like a home video. This adds some sentimentality and a feeling of intimacy. In addition to its catchy melody, this nostalgic edition completely matches the mood of the song.

2. Fashion clothes

    3 Things We Love About NCT DOJAEJUNG's 'Perfume'

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Not only is the song a musical masterpiece, but the trio’s style is a sight to behold. Having clothes that match the concept is a skill in itself and their stylists definitely pass with flying colors. Her entire look is so well-coordinated and combines with the sense of mesmerizing allure that you can only stare in awe. The exemplary style combined with its bold appearance makes ‘Perfume’ worthy of a million replays.

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3. Combination of powerful vocals

As individuals, the members of DOJAEJUNG are exceptional vocalists. All three are able to hit high notes, maintain a wonderful falsetto, and create an incredible melody with just their voice. Together they become an unstoppable force that is ready to take the music industry by storm. They create such mesmerizing harmony that you don’t dare miss even a second of ‘Perfume’. The music is addictive, catchy and will have you in and out of your chair.

If you haven’t heard NCT DOJAEJUNG’s ‘Perfume’ yet, check out the music video below.

What are you enjoying about the trio’s unity debut? Let us know in the comments!

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