Cube Entertainment’s boy group PENTAGON consists of highly talented and charismatic members. Singing, dancing, rapping, and even songwriting, the members are some of the best at what they do in the K-Pop industry.

PENTAGON is known for being a versatile group and over their six years together, their concepts have gone from one extreme to the other; from soft and fluffy to intense and sexy.

Outside of official PENTAGON activities, the group’s vocalists are eager to show their colors in their own series of cover songs on YouTube. By listening to covers of their songs, fans are exposed to different sides of them as artists.


“MAGAZINE HO” started in February 2017 with a cover of ‘If It Was You’, an OST sung by Jung Seung Hwan for the drama “Another Miss Oh”. Over the years, JinHo has covered a wide range of styles, from something groovy to something soft and emotional or even strong and powerful concepts. Each cover showcases his versatile, impeccable voice that amazes PENTAGON fans and non-fans alike.

Their covers are of songs from different languages; Korean, English and Japanese.

He also performed concerts for “MAGAZINE HO”. The first show, titled “MAGAZINE HO Mini Live”, was held on March 17, 2018. The second show, “Mini Live Magazine Vol. 2” was held in January 2019 and exactly one year later, “Mini Live Magazine Ho Vol. 3 – OFF STAGE -” was performed.

In 2022, it released a cover per month and so far, in 2023, it has been doing the same.

Here are some of the best covers from the “MAGAZINE HO” playlist.


YanAn has its own series which is aptly named “SING-NEMATIC” to denote the combination of heavenly vocals with cinematic aesthetics. Each cover boasts the tenderness and purity of YanAn’s voice that cannot be confused with anyone else’s.

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There are only two covers in the series so far, both released in 2021.

One is a classic Chinese love song, ‘The Moon Represents My Heart’, which was popularized in 1977 by Taiwanese singer, Theresa Teng. With the visual aesthetic of warm tones, YanAn’s outfit and the old concept of the video, the romantic essence of the song is clearly brought out.

The other is from ‘Me To You, You To Me (너에게 난, 나에게 넌)’, an OST from the 2003 film, “The Classic”. Although visually pleasing, the video is simple and relaxed so that we can focus on the vibe of the song and appreciate the singer himself.

HongSeok – “HONG Stations”

“HONG Seasons” is the series made to immerse listeners in the sentimental ambience of HongSeok’s voice and his choice of music. Warm vocals from her combine with smooth, mellow ballads and pop songs and this is exactly the kind of music the series is built around. To enhance HongSeok’s soulful voice, the videos’ visual aesthetics often use cool tones and are set in scenic locations such as a colorful meadow and the city at night.

The series began in June 2020 with a cover of Sam Smith’s ‘To Die For’. Since then, 11 covers have been released, including both Korean and English songs.

There are two covers of the series that display the “HONG Seasons” style.

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