3 reasons why there should be more mixed-gender groups in the K-Pop industry

Triple 7’s Twitter / KARD’s Twitter

When we say K-Pop, the first things that come to our mind are boy groups and girl groups, or maybe even soloists. But probably no one is thinking about mixed groups first. If you don’t know what a co-ed group is, it’s simply a group that includes both male and female idols! The concept sounds so cool, right? In fact, there are already mixed groups and others that existed and then disbanded, unfortunately. One of the most popular co-ed groups recently is KARD, you’ve probably heard of them before, if not you should definitely check them out!

The problem with co-ed groups, and the main reason they often don’t stay active for a long period of time, is that they struggle to gain popularity. As we are so used to the concept of separate boy groups and girl groups, the concept of having both of them in the same group can be such a change for some that they can’t keep up with the group for very long. But there are many advantages to putting male and female artists in the same group that most people often don’t take into account. So, here are 3 reasons why there should be more co-ed K-Pop groups and why we should follow them regularly!

1. A taste for everyone!

    3 reasons why there should be more mixed-gender groups in the K-Pop industry

KARD’s Twitter

Having girls and boys in the same group allows both male and female fans to be fans of the group. Of course, regular boy groups and girl groups can also have both fans, but it’s quite often that the fandom is bigger of one gender than the other. If it’s a mixed group, there’s an idol to please everyone! No matter who you prefer, there are both in the same group, so you can enjoy both! In that sense, the mixed group almost feels like a group discount, stan one, get two!

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2. Interactions between members

If you’re a KARD fan, you probably know what this part is about. There aren’t many interactions between girl groups and boy groups in the K-Pop industry, and even when there are, it’s always very shy and distant, you can tell the two aren’t very familiar with each other. So, as a K-Pop fan, it’s hard to get mixed interactions, but if there were more mixed groups, it wouldn’t be a problem anymore! And forget the shy smiles and very polite attitudes, the members are so familiar with each other, making fun of each other all the time, without having any gender barriers! Just as groups of boys or girls grow together as a family, so do mixed groups!

3. A diversity of music you can’t hear anywhere else

Again, the division of boys and girls into different groups means that we almost never hear a female voice with a male voice in a song, unless it’s a special collaboration, which also means that it’s a unique thing. Mixed groups can over this variety of colors in a single group. And creating harmonies between high and low voices sounds very different if it’s a single gender voice or mixed gender voices doing it. If you’ve ever come across one of AKMU’s songs, you’ll probably understand this part. This duo is made up of a sister and her brother, and they are the perfect example to show how different harmonies can be when done by women and men together as one voice.

Of course, there are many other reasons to have co-ed groups in K-Pop, but these are the main reasons we are asking for more co-ed groups going forward!

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