3 Reasons We’re Looking Forward To Song HyeKyo And Han SoHee’s Potential K-Drama Collab “The Price Of Confession”

3 Reasons We're Looking forward to Song HyeKyo and Han SoHee's Potential K-Drama Collaboration "The price of confession"

With Song HyeKyo’s Instagram

The world of K-Drama has been rocked and shaken by some exciting developments lately. One of the speculations raising expectations for K-Drama lovers these days is a possible collaboration between two of the best K-Drama queens, Song HyeKyo and Han SoHee. They are in talks to star in a K-Drama called “The Price of Confession” together!

Though still in talks, they’ve raised fans’ hopes by posting about the drama and through recent interactions, leaving fans hopeful that this legendary collaboration will be confirmed soon. Han SoHee commented on Song HyeKyo’s Instagram post saying, “Now you’re mine…”. She also posted a photo taken with Song HyeKyo and the text ‘The Price of Confession’, raising expectations for the drama on her Instagram story.

So, we’ve compiled 3 reasons why we’re looking forward to Song HyeKyo and Han SoHee’s possible collaboration on “The Price of Confession”.

Observation: It’s important to note that there hasn’t been any official confirmation that the two actresses will be starring in this drama other than Han SoHee’s Instagram story. Both are still considered in conversations to star in K-Drama.

1. Fascinating plot and genre

In addition to this incredible casting collaboration, this project looks like it has the potential to be one of the new K-Dramas. Directed by the director of “Beyond Evil”, Shim NaYeonmany are looking forward to a well-produced drama.

Furthermore, it is a female-centric thriller focused on the bloody story of an art teacher (Song HyeKyo’s character) and a mysterious woman (Han SoHee’s character) surrounding a murder case.

Excellent cast, the plot already sounds like a fascinating roller coaster full of mystery and suspense.

2. Two versatile acting queens on one screen

As we mentioned above, the drama is a female-centric thriller. Many are looking forward to seeing Song HyeKyo and Han SoHee perform in this genre due to their proven track record of having a broad spectrum of acting.

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Han SoHee has acted in roles with stark contrasts. She has been a shy girl in love in “Nevertheless”, a shrewd instigator in marital matters in “the married world“, and a tough fighter on a mission of revenge in “My Name”. You can read more about her versatility here. She has clearly proven that she can take on any role and we can’t wait to get goosebumps from her performance in this drama as well.

Song HyeKyo also has an illustrious career with several works in her filmography. From her role as a no-nonsense doctor in “Descendants of the Sun“, to her romantic role in “Now, We Are Breaking Up”, and her most recent role as a vulnerable but strong teacher plotting revenge in “The Glory” franchise; many are looking forward to seeing her play in an upcoming thriller. .

3. Guaranteed Visual Chemistry of Classic K-Drama Beauties

Not only do we anticipate that this duo will have incredible on-screen chemistry… But we can’t get over the fact that they are considered to be two of the most beautiful actresses in the Korean entertainment industry and will now be standing side by side on screen. That aside, the visual chemistry will be out of this world.

With a great viewing experience all but guaranteed, many are looking forward to the official confirmation news of “The Price of Confession” starring Song HyeKyo and Han SoHee. What do you think of this K-Drama collaboration? Let us know in the comments!

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