2023 is on a roll with amazing BL content releases that tick all the boxes. “the eighth sense” is an upcoming BL web drama set to make its slated premiere in two weeks on March 29. The web drama will be made available via streaming platform Viki, employing the experienced Lim JiSub and complete newbie, Oh Jun Taek.

The drama revolves around a college romance, as well as the confusion that is often felt by college kids regarding life and love. There have been a handful of behind-the-scenes photos, cuts, and official trailers circulating and BL enthusiasts are ecstatic! Looking at what’s come out so far, so are we!

Now, since the release of “The Eighth Sense” is on the horizon, here are some reasons why you should be excited like the rest of us!

1. A sweet coming-of-age story

    3 Reasons to Get Excited for New BL Web Drama "the eighth sense"


As the web drama’s backdrop is a university environment, the characters will certainly have a lot to learn; about each other, about themselves and about life in general. This period of maturation that these two main characters face is already exciting in real life. But watching trailers and seeing cuts further adds to the hype. There is an added sentimentality and nostalgia that comes with the coming-of-age drama that appeals to viewers of all ages.

2. The Chemistry of the Actors

We dare you to find the rookie between the two because all we see are two amazing actors! They play their roles perfectly and fully immerse the audience in the action. In the trailer alone, you can feel the tension building right in front of you. Almost as if it could become a tangible blob you can touch. If they’re this good in the trailers, we can’t wait for the actual release!

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3. Beautiful Cinematography

Some people focus on the cast, while others may shift their attention to the story. Well, this BL web drama has both, along with the most compelling cinematography! The trailer contains incredible shots of the Seoul city skyline, tranquil ocean waters, and intimate moments between the main protagonists. The longer you watch, the more you’ll be sucked into the visually appealing charms of “The Eighth Sense.”

Are you excited for the release of “The Eighth Sense”? Let us know in the comments!

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