SHINee’s Taemin is undoubtedly an incredible artist who manages to captivate audiences with his endless charms. Whether he’s standing like a SHINee member or slaying as a soloist, he commands the stage with such charisma and grace. Watching him perform, you can definitely feel that he is a true artist in every sense of the word.

Now, the day fans have been waiting for is coming: Taemin’s military discharge. Even SHINee’s official Twitter account uploaded a tweet with the hashtag #TAEMINisback_D6v6, as the idol’s return to idol life hits single digits. With that day getting closer and closer, fans are ecstatic and preparing for Taemin’s return to the stage. And when we say prepare, we mean watching video after video of TaeMin’s content.

But there might be some fans who are really excited and don’t know where to start. If this sounds like you, check out the presentations below to prepare for Taemin’s military discharge.

1. STUDIO CHOOM ‘Advice’ performance video

We start with Taemin’s last release before he joined the army. This ‘Advice’ performance video made by STUDIO CHOOM is magical and clearly highlights the idol’s magnificent footwork. The camera angles are impeccable, the lighting couldn’t be more perfect, and TaeMin makes every move feel effortless. More so, it’s a testament to how much he’s improved over his career. We can’t wait for performances like this to flood our social media feeds once again.

2. ‘Just Me And You’ Special Video

This performance of ‘Just Me And You’ is a complete contrast to her video with STUDIO CHOOM. It’s simpler, exploring more contemporary dance than the more urban and trendy ‘Advice’. He puts his art on full display and shows that he is not confined to a singular genre. TaeMin is multi-talented on all fronts and can nail any concept you throw at him.

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3. Excerpt from ‘Replay’

We started with their most recent release, so it’s only natural that we end with their debut song. ‘Replay’ is iconic and the starting point of SHINee’s career. Singing ‘Replay’ alone and having such impressive vocal color even in 2014 shows what a great artist he is. He does this with a unique style and talent, yet continues to keep the music fresh that we have come to know and love. Even if your first video back is an ode to older songs like this, we’d still melt with happiness.

Are you excited to see SHINee’s Taemin return? Let us know in the comments!

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