FISLAND are a legendary group that introduced the K-Rock genre to fans around the world. In a market filled with idols and fast-paced dance tracks, the rock band has consistently proven its staying power. With insane musicianship and hit title tracks, FTISLAND has carved out a long career in the music industry.

While their original songs are commendable and have won numerous awards, the trio have tackled a variety of different tracks throughout their career. They impart their own unique qualities and identity to these covers that almost appear to be the original artists themselves. FTISLAND is simply second to none and any music they play is a special gift for any occasion.

Check out some of their touching cover performances below.

1. Sung SiKyung – ‘HeeJae’

‘HeeJae’ is an iconic ballad that has moved the hearts of millions. FTISLAND’s version is stunning, offering an endless amount of healing and strength to listeners. Each note pierces your heart, bringing such gentle and tender emotions from within. You definitely might want to keep tissues handy, just in case tears start to fall from your eyes.

It’s amazing how FTISLAND is able to turn any song into a K-Rock ballad. The cover of ‘Delete’ has everything from melodic bass to impressive guitar riffs. Being able to produce amazing songs like this, even if it’s just a cover, goes to show the reasons why they have such longevity in the music industry. You definitely won’t be erasing this performance from your memory anytime soon.

3. ONE OK ROCK – ‘Wherever You Are’

This performance shows what happens when K-Rock and J-Rock (Japanese Rock) meet. FTISLAND does this song justice and you can see all three members immersed in the emotions of the song. Every note is imbued with emotions so strong of yearning that you can feel it in your soul. FTISLAND is synonymous with healing because that’s what happens at every performance.

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Which FTISLAND cover performance do you like the most? Let us know in the comments!

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