The second season of “Transit Love”, also known as “EXchange 2”, ended recently, leaving us already wishing for a third. For those who don’t know, “Transit Love” is a show about separated real couples who come together under the same roof and have to pretend they don’t know each other while trying to find new love. The unusual tension reveals the contestants’ true feelings as they navigate their hearts’ desires: getting back together with an ex or choosing to move on with a new partner, who also happens to be someone else’s ex on the show.

Recently, tvN posted a virtual cast for “Transit Love”, including iconic K-Drama couples separated: YuMi (Kim GoEun) x Woong (Ahn BoHyun) and BaBi (GOT7’s JinYoung) from “Yumi’s Cells”, Lee SiWoo ( Song Kang) x Jin HaKyung (Park MinYoung) and Chae YooJin (Girl’s Day’s YuRa) from “Forecasting Love And Weather” and Yeom MiJeong (Kim JiWon) x Mr. Gu (Son SukKu) from “My Liberation Notes”.

Here are three more fictional K-Drama couples we think they might give another chance if they were in “Transit Love 2”!

    3 Former K-Drama Couples We'd Pick For The Dating Reality Show "traffic love"


“Record Of Youth” portrayed a dreamy yet painfully realistic relationship between Sa HyeJoon and Ahn JungHa. Both characters stayed true to themselves even if it meant breaking up, and while it was perhaps the right thing to do, it didn’t hurt any less. The ending of “Record of Youth” is open to interpretation, but there’s no denying that they would be perfect for “Transit Love”.

    3 Former K-Drama Couples We'd Cast On The Dating Reality Show "traffic love"


The most heartbreaking breakup of 2022 came from OTP Na HeeDo and Baek YiJin of all. Fans were upset, and rightfully so, because if there’s a way for a North Korean captain and a South Korean heiress to keep their love (“Crash Landing On You”), why oh why would a sportsman and a reporter you can not? The answer is more complicated than it sounds, but we’d love to see them give each other a second chance. “Transit Love” would be the perfect show for them.

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    3 Former K-Drama Couples We'd Cast On The Dating Reality Show "traffic love"


“Now, We Are Breaking Up” gave us a self-evident title, and we still held out hope for a conventional happy ending. So when the drama ended the way it did, we were disappointed but not surprised. However, it is also true that Ha YoungEun and Yoon JaeGuk are reunited, and the possibility of a reunion hangs in the air. That would make them perfect candidates for an exciting season of “Transit Love.”

Which other K-Drama couple would you add to this list? Tell us in the comments section below!

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