3 highlights of GOT7's Bambam and MONSTA X's IM On "Bambam Home"

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In addition to his activities as an artist, GOT7’s Bambam been busy filming YouTube content like “house of bambam” to his special YouTube channel. Through “Bambam House”, the idol invites various guests to his humble abode. They bring food of their choice and the two share a delicious meal while enjoying drinks and each other’s company. In between, they chat about a variety of topics ranging from daily schedules to funny happenings.

So far, BamBam has had guests like TWICE’s Jihyosoloist choi yenaIt is Sung Hae Eun of the dating reality show”traffic love 2“. In the most recent episode, Bambam was joined by the charismatic rapper, IM from MONSTA X! The two idols are good friends and are currently signed to the same label, Sony Music Korea. They talked about their friendship, how they ended up on the same label, and shared some hilarious behind-the-scenes stories.

Check out some highlights from this episode of “Bambam Home” below!

1. IM spoilers for his comeback

BamBam is currently gearing up for his scheduled comeback on March 28, 2023 at 6 PM KST. He even asked IM’s opinion on his teaser video. But the Thai idol asked what all the fans were thinking: when will IM make their own comeback. Although he couldn’t say an exact date, he gave an estimate. IM shares that fans can expect new music from him when it’s time to bring t-shirts and shorts. We can’t wait until he finishes work on the album and announces it with the official release!

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2. Admire each other’s muscles

As they enjoy food and drink, they naturally come to the topic of fitness and exercise. IM claims he pays special attention to his chest, which automatically triggers a funny exchange between the two idols. BamBam goes first and gropes IM’s chest, letting out woos and ahs in awe. IM does the same and you can feel the intimacy of the brother’s moment through the screen. True friends openly admire each other’s gym gains, and these two are definitely true friends.

3. IM conditions to get married

To the excitement of MONBEBEs everywhere, IM has revealed what he looks for in a potential marriage partner. The idol revealed that he doesn’t want to get married until he’s 35. He would like to marry someone with vision and who knows how to make the most of his time. IM also stated that he hopes his future wife is debt-free. He reinforces this by saying that she doesn’t need the money because he takes care of it. Many fans must be ecstatic to learn about their favorite idol’s marriage requirements!

Did you end up watching the latest episode of “Bambam Home”? What do you think of the chemistry between the two idols? Let us know in the comments!

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