3 highlights from episode four of the MONSTA X reality show "MON MUST CONTINUE"

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MONSTA X are known for their electrifying performances. Whenever the idol group is on stage, you can feel that they are oozing with unbelievable poise and charisma. Each member has an aura that keeps your eyes glued to them at all times.

Although they can be cool and charismatic on music shows, the idol group is known to be playful and mischievous. This fun and chaotic side of MONSTA X can be seen in their new reality show “MON MUST CONTINUE”. The show is heartwarming and unfiltered, showing the fun and wild side of MONSTA X that MONBEBE have grown to love with all their hearts. The fourth episode was released last night and it was just as hilarious as the rest!

Here are some highlights of “MON MUST GO ON” that you should definitely check out!

If you watchedThe Game Caterers 2 X Starship”, you will know that JooHoney is a dancing machine! He definitely could have nailed the choreography, but he keeps the spirit with the manga game. Doing his best not to show his teeth, he gives a spectacular performance of not just one, but two NCT songs. JooHoney is not only a talented rapper but a comedy genius.

2. IM versus the Trot game

Drinking games can get pretty crazy the longer they go on. And if the manga game wasn’t evidence enough, MONSTA X can take these games to an entirely different level. When the idol group switched to the prank game, not even IM could keep up with the chaos.

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From the beginning, the charismatic rapper failed to fully understand the concept of the prank game and its intricate layers. Even when they started playing, the IM would perform an incorrect action or time out, causing the idol to take a sip of their drink. The desperation in her face and voice as she insisted he play by the rules of the game was hilarious. The hazing game really pushed IM’s stress levels to the max, making it hard for viewers not to laugh at the situation.

3. The MBTI Debate

MBTI has become a huge topic in the K-Pop community. You cannot go through forum or social media sites without seeing some kind of MBTI content about your favorite idols. But who knew that talking about personality types could cause such a debate among MONSTA X members. JooHoney and min hyuk begin to fight due to their different personalities.

Although JooHoney sulks at the end, their exchange is fun to watch and you can’t help but smile playfully at their interactions. What makes it funnier is that the rest of MONSTA X are so used to this Tom and Jerry dynamic that they naturally tune the two out and go on with their morning. Just another day in the life of MONSTA X.

If you’re curious to know how the rest of the episode went, you can check it out below!

What do you think of “MON MUST GO ON”? Let us know what you think about it in the comments!

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