Hwang Chi Yeul is a legendary vocalist from humble beginnings. Although he dreamed of becoming a singer, he started out as a vocal coach, training aspiring idols. He got his big break through Mnet’s “I can see your voice” where he gave a breathtaking performance of Lim Jaebum‘Confession’. He then became a panelist on the show and the rest is history.

The renowned vocalist recently participated in the third part of the “Yaoki Project”, a new global music brand concept that tells the story of a cat from outer space named Yaoki. Yaoki learns human emotions through music. Through ‘Yaoki Project’, he released the song ‘No Love’ on March 26 at 6 PM KST.

It’s a gut-wrenching ballad that hits all your soft spots, making you yearn for someone you might not even know. We’ve been on repeat for the song since its release and there are certain parts that we can’t get out of our minds.

If you haven’t heard Hwang ChiYeul’s ‘No Love’ yet, check it out below.

Now, check out 3 of our favorite lyrics from the soulful ballad.

1. “I still feel happy if I think about you”

    3 Heartwarming Lyrics from Hwang ChiYeul's 'No Love'

Yaoki Project Official Twitter

‘No Love’ begins by reminiscing about a past relationship. Through Hwang ChiYeul’s delivery of these lyrics, you can feel the feelings of hurt seeping deep into your bones. There are hints of lingering emotions, along with a person who is hard to let go and give up. Although the relationship is over, just one thought of a past lover can bring unexpected happiness and joy.

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2. “I will not forget the image of you that still remains”

    3 Heartwarming Lyrics from Hwang ChiYeul's 'No Love'

Yaoki Project Official Twitter

This song is full of longing and longing for someone who is already gone. As we move forward in our lives, the image of a past lover can remain embedded in our minds, with no sign of it ever going away. It is painful to think that we will no longer be able to meet the person who lives so vividly inside our heads. Without them, all that’s left are the happy memories they left behind.

3. “I loved everything myself”

    3 Heartwarming Lyrics from Hwang ChiYeul's 'No Love'

Screenshot of ‘No Love’

Here comes the climax and shocking conclusion of Hwang ChiYeul’s ‘No Love’. Throughout the entire song, he is busy pining and singing about an old lover. But in the end, he comes to a heartbreaking revelation: he was the only one in love in the relationship. Hearing those lyrics and realizing the weight they carry is overwhelming. And feeling its intensity through Hwang ChiYeul’s incredible vocals leaves a lasting impression that’s hard to shake. Hwang ChiYeul is certainly a vocal legend, able to convey the saddest lyrics perfectly.

What’s your favorite lyric from ‘No Love’ by Hwang ChiYeul? Let us know in the comments!

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