CRAVITY finally made their comeback with the title track ‘GROOVY’ from their 5th mini album, “MASTER: PIECE”. With its latest release in September 2022, fans have been ecstatic for their favorite group’s triumphant return in March. Many have already taken to social media to talk about her stunning visuals and vocals.

Accompanying this release is a vibrant and colorful MV that captures fans’ hearts from beginning to end. In just under four minutes, the CRAVITY boys are able to prove once again why they are an idol group you should definitely keep your eyes on.

Staying true to its name, the title track has an infectious bounce and groove, getting your whole body moving to its addictive beat. Now, while the entire MV was absolutely head-turning, there was some moment that stood out from the rest. So let’s take a moment to talk about them!

Below are our favorite scenes from CRAVITY’s ‘GROOVY’ MV.

1. CRAVITY as Office Workers

The MV starts out great with the CRAVITY boys dressed in suits and ties. They look absolutely stunning in this timeless outfit, while acting like diligent office workers. Now, would we be able to focus if we had co-workers like CRAVITY? Absolutely not, but a few minutes looking at the stars wouldn’t hurt.

2. A sensationalist dance parade

Just when you think the MV couldn’t get any more exciting, we’re treated to an intense dance break. The boys show off their synchronized knife-like choreography that leaves everyone in awe. Everything from the camera angles to their outfits make the dancing even more hyped after every replay. We can’t wait to see this dance during their live performances!

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The idol group could have ended the MV with a group pose, making everyone happy and content. But they take things a step further and add a wink from HyeongJun. We think someone needs to call an ambulance, because we are dying of cuteness!

If you haven’t seen the music video for ‘GROOVY’ yet, check it out below.

What’s your favorite part of the ‘GROOVY’ MV? Let us know in the comments.

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