At the beginning of this year, SERAFINS’ EunChae has been confirmed as a new MC for KBS'”music bank“. O THE SERAFIM maknae would join rising actor Lee Chae Min. Since taking the position of MC, the idol has captivated viewers of the music program. She had wonderful chemistry with Lee ChaeMin, with the two radiating cute sibling energy.

Recently, she started participating in a backstage content titled “EunChae’s Star Diary“. The idol visits various promoter artists in their dressing rooms and chats with them. Last week, she visited an international superstar, Kai from EXO. Despite being a complete veteran in the field of entertainment, EunChae managed to maintain her composure and quickly formed a bond with Kai.

Check out some of their adorable interactions below!

1. Link on personality types

Luckily for the two idols, their MBTI personality types overlapped. EunChae is an ISFP while Kai is an INFJ. They were able to bond by sharing their similar introverted tendencies. Being both introverts, they understand what it means to have a small circle of friends, as well as the struggles of socializing with others.

2. Q&A session

During the meeting, Kai had time for a question and answer session with questions prepared by EunChae. As Kai answered, the “Diary of the Stars” MC offered reactions and any follow-up questions/comments. The two had cute conversations during the Q&A, talking about topics like Kai’s height, the food he’d like to eat, and how he got so cute. Their unbelievable chemistry provided laughs for the crew and viewers alike.

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3. Kai and EunChae dancing ‘ANTI-FRAGILE’

One of the highlights of the show came at the end, when EunChae taught Kai the choreography for ‘ANTI-FRAGILE’. Some of the questions Kai received during the Q&A even asked for this exact event to happen. Kai showed his veteran status, being able to learn the dance moves with no problem. Once he figured out the main parts of the choreography, the two idols performed ‘ANTI-FRAGILE’ together. We wouldn’t mind seeing more of this dynamic duo!

What did you think of LE SSERAFIM EunChae and EXO Kai’s interactions? Let us know in the comments!

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