27 Basic Necessary Vocabulary For K-Pop Fans To Start With And Understand K-Pop World In Korean

In the K-Pop world, there are specific English words and slang that you can use to communicate with friends and in the community. However, it has some limits.

In some situations, you need to know some specifics of Korean vocabulary for idols and sometimes they are not in the dictionary! There are several cases when you might need them, for example, your idol is live and talks about his schedule, or if you come to Korea and look for K-Pop activities and friends, or if you start following big Twitter accounts who communicate in Korean, etc. Lots of reasons to start learning some basic Korean vocabulary.

Here is the vocabulary list of Korean words related to fangirling and idol programming from beginner to advanced. There are obviously many more.

With [deok]

deokhu [deok-hu]: Having a great passion and interest in something or someone.

virtue [deok-jil]: Fangirling.

chodeok [cho-deok]: A beginner in fangirling.

I love you [ip-deok]: Beginning of fangirling.

Deokdeok [tal-deok]: End of fangirling.

holiness [seong-eok]: A successful fan.

dodging [deok-ming out]: Make an “out” of being a fangirl/fanboy. When other people know you’re fangirling.

Deokme [deok-me]: A friend who is also a fangirl/fanboy.

deokdeokdeok [eo-deok-haeng-deok]: If I’m going to be a fangirl/fanboy, let’s be happy.

Deokgye Lagoon [deok-gye-mot]: The opposite of a successful fan. You don’t know the star and so on.

Deoktong accident [deok-dong-sa-go]: Like a car accident, you became a fangirl/fanboy.

Other than [deok]

favorite [choi-ae]: My opinion.

love [cha-ae]: My prejudice destroyer.

homma [Hom-ma]: representing home-master. Fansite Master. They take photos and videos of a celebrity. You can find most of them on Twitter.

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ilco [il-ko]: You are pretending to be a normal person. No one knows you’re a fangirl/fanboy.

bundle of clothes [muggle]: Do you know the Muggle from “Harry Potter”? Those who don’t have magic. In the K-Pop world, that means someone who isn’t a fan.

fan signature [fan-ssa]: Fansign.

security [si-kyu]: A security.

sign sheet [kyu-si-teu]: The cue sheet of a concert.

craziness [kwang-tal]: Eliminated from something.

live [saeng-bang]: Live show.

studio [kong-bang] represents public broadcasting [kong-gae-bang-song]: Public broadcast where your idols might be performing.

sanhok [sa-nok] means pre-recording [sa-jeon nok-hwa]: Recording of a show.

pom kidney [pom-rim]: Enrollment through application form.

true [cham-rim]: Enrollment via application form via Daum Cafe.

thick layer [bbaek-cheung]: Someone who knows who has authority, for example, who works on music shows. They enter through connections. You call these people that.

reverse tribute [yeok-jo-kong]: When idols give back to fans. For example, MONSTA X giving food to fans.

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