Every K-Pop fan chooses a bias, but every K-Pop fan knows that sometimes having a bias isn’t a choice. Sometimes your prejudice chooses you and you fall for its charms before you know it.

It’s always fun to wonder how compatible you and your bias are or to wonder if you and your bias buster might be soulmates. This also applies to imagining friendships with your bias.

At Kpopmap, we’ve created a library of K-Pop girl group quizzes that help you find out which member would be your best friend/best friend/BFF. You can see if you will choose your bias or if a prejudice buster will choose you.

Here is a list of all girl group best friend quizzes on the Kpopmap website. We also have several other quizzes on the site. So be sure to check it out here!

Here’s a list of our K-Pop boyfriend quizzes with various boy groups too!

Observation: This list will be updated regularly, so keep an eye out!

BONUS – Soloists and Actresses

If you’re a female soloist fan, check out this quiz too.

If you are also a K-Drama fan, be sure to check out this bestie K-Drama quiz.

Are there any other girl groups you’d like to see in a best friends quiz? Let us know in the comments!

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