12 Male K-Pop Idols Who Don't Like Mint Chocolate

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There are many age-old debates and questions in life such as why the sky is blue and many more. In the K-Pop world, there is another issue that idols are faced with quite often. “Do you like mint chocolate?” It’s an ice cream flavor you either love or hate. So K-Pop idols often have to choose a side. This fact has become important to the point where it can be found as a marker in most K-Pop idol biographies.

Today, we’re going to take a look at some of the male K-Pop idols who don’t like mint chocolate.

Check out who they are below!

    12 Male K-Pop Idols Who Don't Like Mint Chocolate

MONSTA X Minhyuk’s Instagram

The word ‘dislike’ is probably not strong enough to express how much MONSTA X’s MinHyuk despises mint chocolate. Whenever flavor is mentioned, he shows visible disgust on his facial expressions.

    12 Male K-Pop Idols Who Don't Like Mint Chocolate

ATEEZ’s Instagram

ATEEZ’s HongJoong said he respects people who like mint chocolate and finds them impressive. He considers them extremely healthy because they brush their teeth three times a day and even when they eat chocolate mint for dessert. If that statement isn’t clear enough, let’s reiterate it. HongJoong is another idol who doesn’t like mint chocolate.

In SeongHwa’s case, he also believes mint chocolate tastes like toothpaste. He thinks the fact that anyone thought of mixing chocolate with mint is wrong.

    12 Male K-Pop Idols Who Don't Like Mint Chocolate

GOT7 YoungJae’s Instagram

GOT7’s YoungJae is another K-Pop idol who doesn’t like mint chocolate. He believes it tastes like chocolate mixed with toothpaste. Despite thinking that he is not hot, he still emphasizes that he respects those who like the taste.

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    12 Male K-Pop Idols Who Don't Like Mint Chocolate

Instagrams of RM, V, JiMin and Jin from BTS

One of the idols most known to dislike mint chocolate is none other than BTS’s RM. He’s been talking a lot about it for years and even said the taste should go away because you shouldn’t eat toothpaste. He tried to change his mind and said it wasn’t as bad as he remembered it, but he still didn’t like it and believes that “those who know what good food is must hate chocolate mint”.

BTS members V, JiMin, and Jin also expressed dislike for the flavor.

    12 Male K-Pop Idols Who Don't Like Mint Chocolate

Yoon Ji Sung’s Instagram

In an interview with Billboard, Yoon JiSung also stated his dislike for mint chocolate. He tried to put it in a nice way and said that everyone has their own preference and he doesn’t like the taste.

In another incident, he recalled EXO’s DO giving him a drink to encourage him to cheer up. However, it was mint chocolate flavored. Yoon JiSung mentioned that he still drank it because it was a gift, but if he had a choice, he wouldn’t choose this flavor.

    12 Male K-Pop Idols Who Don't Like Mint Chocolate

TXT’s Twitter

TXT’s Taehyun is known to dislike mint chocolate because he thinks it’s like toothpaste, BeomGyu is known to share the same thoughts about it, and Soobin feels the same.

After Soobin tried the flavor for the first time, he referred to the ice cream as “refreshing toothpaste”. Fans love watching their reactions when the flavor is mentioned as they show hilarious negative reactions with their whole bodies.

What other K-Pop idols do you know who don’t like mint chocolate? Let us know in the comments!

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