10 Underrated K-Pop Vocalists Who Were Standing Out For Us "RUSH HOUR"

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RUSH HOUR” is the new K-Pop survival show that has fans buzzing with appreciation. The show targets already-debuted male idol groups or soloists (whether they are seeking a career boost, have been on hiatus, recently debuted, etc.) battle with epic performances for a big cash prize, new album release and global showcase. The show mainly consists of underrated groups despite their immense talent. As such, many K-Pop fans have discovered new talented idols and rediscovered talent of idols that were once familiar. These idols stood out in many ways. There are many underrated vocalists from “PEAK TIME” as well.

Today, we’re taking a look at some of the underrated vocalists who made it to “PEAK TIME”. Be sure to share some of your favorite underrated vocalists from the show in the comments at the end of the article!

Observation: Although there are many talented vocalists in each group, only one idol per group will be featured in this article. This list is not a ranking and is in random order.

VANNER TaeHwan’s vocals are not only rock solid, but his voice exudes charisma. More than anything, he has this ability to sing so effortlessly that you’d think it was as easy as breathing for him. His falsetto notes are super beautiful and his high notes are spectacular too. Many fans were impressed by his high score during MONSTA X’s cover performance of ‘Love Killa’. You can watch it here or by clicking on the video above. In fact, fans (inspired by panelist Jay Park’s words) have been calling TaeHwan a vocal treasure thanks to the show.

DKB’s Teo has the kind of vocals that will touch your heart in the deepest way. His breath control is so stable that even in the face of difficult choreography, he can deliver top-notch vocals with ease. His voice has a slightly husky quality that is downright irresistible. More than anything, he really knows how to get all the right emotions into his vocal performances. This performance of Park JY‘Behind you’ will give you the kind of chill that lasts long after the song is over. You can watch it here or by clicking on the video above.

Another arguably underrated vocalist to stand out on “PEAK TIME” is none other than DGNA’s KaRam. The florist whose voice is a gift that keeps on giving! Regardless of genre or concept, his vocals stand out and shine (pun intended). Even with demanding choreography, he is steady and well controlled while playing every note perfectly. In her cover performance of PENTAGON’s ‘Shine’, you can see her flawless performance accentuated by her beautiful voice as well. You can watch it here or by clicking on the video above.

Ireah is a vocalist who will melt your heart with his voice. High notes from him always exude a refreshing energy that seems to be sonically healing your soul. He is another singer who seems solid and steady as a pillar when he performs. His low register and vocal tone are especially seductive and simply draw you into his charismatic stage presence. In his cover performance of GOT7’s ‘You Are’, you can see how multifaceted his voice is. You can watch it here or by clicking on the video above.

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First of all, Son Junhyung is the kind of addictive artist that you just can’t get enough of watching. Now add to that the way he utilizes his voice to tell a story and the deal is done! Not only does he have an impressive voice, but he also knows how to use it to create a vibe that spreads positivity to the audience. Check out her cover performance of PSY’s ‘I LUV IT’. You can watch it here or by clicking on the video above.

BAE173’s YoungSeo has a voice quality that is not easy to find. If voices had aesthetics, his would be the prettiest. It has an airy yet simultaneously raspy yet also full sound that adds uniqueness to the song. It also does exceptionally well at adding feeling to any song. His performance of BTOB’s ‘Way Back Home’ is the perfect example of this. You can watch it here or by clicking on the video above.

ATBO’s Kim YeonKyu is another featured vocalist on “PEAK TIME”. Does your vocal run? Wonderful! His vocal technique, tone and the way he owns a vocal performance accentuating it with sincerity is super captivating. His performance of DAY6’s ‘Time of Our Life’ shows how not only does he show off his beautiful voice, but he also really enjoys performing, which is heartwarming to see. You can watch it here or by clicking on the video above.

Kim ByungJoo is best known for being able to rock any concept, be it sexy, youthful, or even cute. His voice is like a sonic chameleon that blends in however it needs to. It’s the kind of voice that captivates the ear and holds the attention. It’s especially clear with beautiful tones, especially highlighted in its falsetto notes. You can watch their performance of BTOB’s ‘Way Back Home’ here or by clicking on the video above.

Just like his name, MONT’s Bitsaeon has one of the brightest vocal qualities. His voice has a sunny warmth that brings nostalgia when he sings. One of the things that sets him apart as he sings is the absolute dedication you can see when he performs with everything. You can watch JY Park’s performance of ‘Behind you’ here or by clicking on the video above.

NTX YunHyeok’s voice is many things at once. His voice is delicate and powerful at the same time. It’s solid and still has the freedom to be creative with its stunning, unique tone. Honestly, it’s the kind of voice you can listen to on loop and never get tired of. You can watch his performance of DAY6’s ‘Time of Our Life’ here or by clicking on the video above.

Which underrated vocalist stood out to you on “PEAK TIME”? Let us know in the comments!

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