It’s clearly evident that when it comes to performances, K-Pop idols hold the mantle as some of the best dancers and stage performers today. From their captivating expressions to their brilliant concepts, intense choreography, mind-blowing stunts and impeccable stage presence, many K-Pop idols know how to deliver not only an exceptional stage performance, but also a remarkable and memorable one. And we hope that one day they will teach us their tricks.

While the stage forms the platform where we vividly see these K-Pop artists express their dance skills, in many content, we often saw how practical or interested they are also in formulating their (and their groups) choreographies. This clear and consistent passion for dance and performance duly feeds our stance that these idols are not only exceptional performers, but can also be good teachers and if they present a dance/performance master class we will be duly enrolled.

Here are some of the amazing male artists we’d love to take a dance/performance master class from.

Kai is the king of contemporary meets Hip-Hop and his dance moves, regardless of concepts or styles, are always an art form. Every move he makes feels like an expression of the lyrics or message of his performance. For someone who has been performing at the top of his game for over 11 years now, he still maintains a firm grip on the trident and is still revered as one of the best artists in K-Pop history. He doesn’t necessarily conform to trends, but he always brings his own twist, a movement that makes you say “oh! So this is how Kai would do it“. A masterclass with Kai will definitely be very interesting to watch and the opportunity to understand just an inch of his knowledge is something no one would want to miss out on. Idols and fans alike.

Rocky proves that rappers can be amazing vocalists, and they can also be great performers. There is simply no limit when you are so creatively skilled and strive for the opportunity to be better in every area. As an artist, Rocky is the crème de la crème! From his daring dance moves to his catchy expressions, fast and clean moves and a 110% delivery on every stage, watching Rocky perform is such a wholesome experience as there is never any room for dissatisfaction. With a vast knowledge and experience in many dance styles, Rocky brings to the classroom invaluable experience and a hunger that he can imbibe in the minds of his students. Something that could serve as the driving force to achieve incredible success and deliver quality performances like he does.

Choi San’s supremacy has finally begun and we are very excited about his rule. When it comes to performances, ATEEZ’s San has been dominating the airwaves, with many fans cheering his name and creating reels of these dance moves. Why? Because he’s that good. Perhaps this answer doesn’t do justice to the amount of skill he carries on his broad shoulders, but frankly, there are no words or phrases in the English vocabulary that can describe or define the power and talent that San brings when it comes to performing. . San sets the stage on fire and leaves the fans in awe as we try to understand the brilliance we just witnessed. A masterclass with San is one we would readily sign up for as we can already tell it would be fun, chaotic but also very impactful as, as the dutiful tutor, he will ensure you get your money’s worth in knowledge and more.

Eunhyuk has maintained the mantle of being one of the best dancers in K-Pop for generations. To this day, he is revered for his stellar contributions to K-Pop’s global growth and success. Never resting on his incredible laurels, Eunhyuk continues to strive, seeking how he can be better every day and expanding his creative horizons, delivering masterpieces in both music and performance. With a wealth of experience in the field, a masterclass with EunHyuk will undoubtedly be very engaging as we are sure that we would not only leave the studio dripping with sweat and sore muscles, but also full of great knowledge and words of wisdom. this will undoubtedly be very impactful.

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Frankly, the way Yoo TaeYang moves needs to be documented and studied because his movements often defy the concept of science. The body must not move as quickly as the wind or be as flexible. It’s always impressive to watch Yoo TaeYang perform as he makes intense moves in such a quick and graceful way that it makes you beg the question “how is this even possible”. We describe Yoo TaeYang as an artist who treats the stage as his canvas and uses his body as the brush that creates a masterpiece. The chance to pick your brain and gain some vital tips on how to move with such fluidity and brilliance is something we’re sure no one would want to miss out on.

Harry June has shown his qualities as a professional dancer and choreographer since his debut. Well versed in the hip-hop scene, he always delivers a vibrant, energetic performance that leaves you breathless and stunned at the same time. He seems to understand the synergistic flow of the music and choreography very well and never misses a beat with his performance. Even though he’s still relatively young compared to the idols on this list, we believe he has the talent to give a masterclass in performance and we’ll be signing up for a class.

Whenever we make a list of anything related to K-Pop idols and performances, Ten is always mentioned because he simply is the standard and/or definition of what a truly great performer is. With Ten, in our experience, we’ve always found ourselves rewatching their performances over and over again, and no matter how many times we see a given performance, there are several moments that give us the same chills and goosebumps feeling as we did the first time we saw them. This is the effect Ten has on his audience. If Ten decides to host a dance masterclass there is no doubt it would sell out in seconds and we would be front row ready to receive the Ten experience.

From our point of view, JunSeo is a budding choreographer who has contributed to many of the choreographies for BAE173’s songs and performances today. An amazing performer, he clearly has a passion for dance and the inept ability to pass that skill on to others. As BAE173 continues to grow immensely and gain more popularity, we can rightly predict that JunSeo will win and make a name for himself as one of the best K-Pop artists and choreographers. And while we wait for the inevitable day, we’ll be delighted to sign up for your masterclass, as we’re sure we’ll leave the class, hearts pounding, limbs aching, but hearts and minds properly filled with dance knowledge.

At this point, is there a dance style that JiMin can’t do? Because watching a lot of his dance content, we’ve seen him deliver amazing performance in many dance styles and genres. From contemporary to hip-hop, ballet and street style, when it comes to dancing, like your sound, JiMin continues to expand his horizons, exploring various styles and delivering an ever-changing result in the minds of his audience.. Judging by many of his contents, JiMin is the right idol to give a dance/performance masterclass as he is practical with an unwavering willingness to learn and share his creative contributions as well.

There are no suitable words or phrases that correctly describe the state that TaeMin leaves his spectators after a performance. TaeMin on stage is simply mesmerizing as you are in a transfixed state of ecstasy, wonder and sheer amazement at how he delivers such an intriguing and completely satisfying performance.. With vast and invaluable knowledge and experience in the field, as the host of a dance masterclass, TaeMin has a lot to offer. From in-depth training sessions to words of advice, a Taemin masterclass will definitely not be a one-off thing, as there will be requests for it to become a recurring event.

Which masterclass of these idols would you attend?

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