Whether you’re doing 12-3-30 on treadmills, walking alone or with friends, walking is all the rage right now. Nothing motivates you more than a few beats on your walks, and I know you’re getting tired of your regular repeat of songs – because so do I! I hope to share some of the (possible) new and old songs in the hope of inspiring and encouraging each other for longer and more joyful walks.

Walking may seem tedious, but there are many advantages and benefits to walking. If you live in Nepal or Iowa, we may not be able to physically walk together, but hopefully we can share some bops and make each other stronger. Please share your favorite song to listen to when walking and let me know – what kind of playlist do you expect in the future!

Just a disclaimer, this is not a ranking but a list and the music is not in any necessary order other than personal preference.

The catchy instrumental, addictive chorus and groovy melody prove that Stray Kids is a versatile group. Bass melodies along the background music will help you warm up as you embrace yourself for this walk ahead of you! We have to start with something that will get you moving and keep going, and it’s about to get better.

2. TXT – ‘0X1=LOVESONG (I know I love you)’

This song is a banger. There is nothing to dispute here. A lot of people discovered TXT through this song, and there’s a reason for that. Listening to this song and walking around fully releases the energy of the main character. Now that the weather is warming up, it’s also perfect music to listen to while strolling in the sun. Also, you can’t tell me you don’t have an identifiable occasion or person that this song reminds you of. I’m still not over this masterpiece since its release in May 2021.

3. Wanna One – ‘Energetic’

This is their first album and we can certainly say that they’ve got off to a good start! With new and amazing music constantly blessing our ears, we sometimes fell asleep to bangers that came and went. Although that was five years ago, it’s still as stylish and good as when you heard it five years ago. Their disbandment is unfortunate because they’ve delivered some masterpieces, including this one.

4. GFRIEND – ‘Labyrinth’

It’s not GFRIEND’s best-known song, but this, this is art. Super catchy, and that might be a tmi for those not interested, but this song fits like a jigsaw puzzle into the whole story. Search it up and it will blow your mind. Another band that sadly disbanded so we’re digging up some artifacts and memorials for sure!

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5. VIVIZ – ‘Bop Bop’

Well, since we mentioned GFRIEND disbanding, it seemed only fitting to include this song in this playlist. A stellar debut song with good vocals, dancing and catchy melodies. Once you hear it, you certainly can’t stop listening to it and will find yourself humming this song all day long!


Powerful music and performance for your energy-powered walk! This group had a lot of pre-debut stans, and there’s a reason for that! Definitely worth checking out.

7. STAYC – ‘RUN2U’

Then I will run to you! Among many K-Pop groups, they stand out for their strong vocals and exceptional skills. I go back to this song every now and then whenever I’m overwhelmed or stressed. It’s also a good song for running and certainly a great song for walking.

8. SEVENTEEN – ‘Just Do It’

Okay, this song is totally crazy. So much energy, and the lyrics are a motivational outpouring of wise words. That’s what happens when you put Seventeen’s three most energetic and over-the-top members together. Such an underrated song, truly an anthem about how to live.

9. IZ*ONE – ‘Swan’s Secret Story’

How we wish for IZ*ONE to be a permanent group. We miss them, they were all so talented individually and worked beautifully as a team. When asked to define healthy, we would say IZ*ONE. Catchy tunes won’t let you realize how exhausted and tired your legs are.

10. NCT 127 – ‘Superhuman’

Okay, we should end with this song, because if you’ve walked for 6 minutes, or taken a long walk, you’re superhuman for going out there and putting yourself through it! Getting started is the hardest part. I hope this playlist helped make you ‘feel super’ and ‘break the limit, superhuman!’

Please comment with any suggestions for improving the playlist as we go along. Keep in mind, though, that everyone’s music preferences are different! Penny to think, use the radio function in Spotify and autoplay in Apple music if you want to receive music recommendations similar to your favorite new songs or K-Pop groups!

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